The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recap: We Rrrrrrepresent Beverly Hills

"I just can't talk about this Brandi/Adrienne thing ever again," said Kyle. If only.
Ep. 12 | Aired Feb 4, 2013

FIND YOUR INNER FIREMAN Kyle climbed her stripper pole like a gym rope.

"I own 51% of it," Lisa said, smoothly batting aside Camille's accusations that she was a mere figurehead of her restaurants. Camille pursed her lips and rolled her eyes. Welcome back Camille! Yolanda put an end to all of the nonsense when she stood up and announced that she was over it and so outta there. I looked anxiously at the floor-to-ceiling windows, half-expecting the private plane David sent to rescue her come crashing through them. After everyone said their goodbyes Marisa came out of the bathroom, smelling like a Sauvignon vineyard, unsure where all of her sexy friends had gone.

Kim has had a tough row to hoe these last couple of years but surely the world's cutest doggie makes up for some of the hard times? Kyle came over to thoroughly inspect the new nose beneath the bandages and Kim announced that she was foregoing pain meds altogether. Keep her straight, Kingsley! Also, Kim thinks her blue-tipped electronic cigarette makes her look cute so back off it already Kyle.

Lisa and Ken had a little tea party in the backyard. Mysteriously there was a second dog in attendance. What type of inferior complex does that poor pooch suffer from? Lisa is rightfully annoyed at Kyle's waffling sense of loyalty. But she was wrong that Kyle was the one who brought up Adrienne in the first place in Vegas. That dubious honor belongs to Camille. But Ken was right when he said "she ought to have a lesson in what a true friend is, basically." Kyle has done Lisa wrong over the course of three seasons and I blame it on petty, forgivable envy. Make it right, Kyle! Throughout the scene Ken's shirt magically buttoned itself up and then down again during their conversation. TV is magical!

Next week: "Really, who is Adrienne Maloof in this world?"

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