The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recap: It's Raining Diamonds, Hallelujah

Kim confronts Taylor about her drinking, then possibly, hopefully not, gets drunk in Paris.
Ep. 15 | Aired Feb 25, 2013

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Brandi tells Yolanda that David would love her even more after a threesome.

Mark Piasecki/Bravo

Y'all. Yolanda's traveling high-tops. Kim and Kyle bonded at their airport gate. Now that Kim was sober Kyle had so many questions. What were Kim's tricks all those years? Well she used to keep wine in her coffee cup for one. "It feels like such a relief to finally be able to have these open conversations with my sister Kim about her drinking," she said. "I want to explore my friendship with my sister," agreed Kim. "We need to be sisters again." Amidst all this family bonding Marisa called with the awful news that her father-in-law Richard Zanuck had died that morning from a massive heart attack. Respect.

In Paris, Brandi bonded with Yolanda. Kyle made out with Mauricio. Giggy had taken an earlier helicopter into town and he marched into the hotel room alone clad in lavender and sequins. Brandi explained the necessary rules—no penetration, no family—to a successful threesome. When Kim finally showed up she appeared a little unsteady and everybody looked for the coffee cup. She was making lots of theatrical faces and non sequitur jokes—"I got here last night. No, ha, this afternoon"—all of which spelled trouble. Whee, fireworks! "It's so pretty you guys, it's like raining diamonds," sighed Kyle. Paris Hilton's next fragrance is totally going to be called Raining Diamonds.

Next week: Kim breaks down in tears. What is happening?!

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