The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recap: It's Raining Diamonds, Hallelujah

Kim confronts Taylor about her drinking, then possibly, hopefully not, gets drunk in Paris.
Ep. 15 | Aired Feb 25, 2013

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Brandi tells Yolanda that David would love her even more after a threesome.

Mark Piasecki/Bravo

Mohamed opened up his luxury Bangkok hotel of a house to his ex-wife's girlfriends. That Mohamed, what a guy. Why ever didn't it work with Yolanda? "Faithfulness is not his strongest point, and that's a tough thing for a proper Dutch girl who believes in being faithful." More swans. Brandi arrived and decided she had enough flirt in her to spread it over Ken and Mohamed. When teased about her sidling up to Mohamed she shrewdly explained that "I'm too old for him and he's too old for me." Yolanda suggested Brandi join her and Lisa in Paris next week. "I'll do anything you guys ask me to," she said happily. (Season 4 is going to take a dark turn when Yolanda and Lisa get Brandi caught up in a chop shop situation and Brandi ends up taking the rap for it and goes to jail.)

Oh no, David Foster alert. He found it hilarious that Marisa and Dean Zanuck had been together for 16 years. Time for a change! he laughed. Marisa threw her hand up for a high-five. "I was talking to him!" Dean hardy har hared. "I think like a guy so I'm like yeah, that'd be nice," said Marisa. Poor Dean appeared to die inside. "I'm very lucky because he's so in love with me," said Marisa, unable to stop. "But I'm the only always like 'Yeah that guy over there's real hot I'd like to do that." Dean clutched his glass, staring into its liquid abyss. The women wondered how Marisa's words made him feel. "She doesn't say it in front of me," mumbled Dean. (Actually, she just did.) Though I do wish the disapproving women had similarly chided David, who started the whole line of this conversation, for his unfunny disrespect as well.

This is Yolanda's party, which meant it was time to cut the small talk. She approached Taylor and came in close for the kill. "I hear from all the girls that you have an issue with me?" said Yolanda. (Clip reel time! "Find David hanging, then let me know how you feel!")  Yolanda suggested they meet for Starbucks next time if Taylor ever had beef. There's no friction one of those mini pink-glazed donuts can't cure! Taylor wasn't clutching her third Pinot Grigio so she skillfully skirted the confrontation. Kyle blamed it on David's ex who is apparently still in love with David. That's at least according to David. Oh God, there he goes at the piano.

Real Housewives of St. Tropez, please! Kim would go into a state of orgasmic envy over Warren's outdoor seating area. Things that my child will likely never say to me: "You remember where it is, the guest house? Just past the tennis courts." Lisa and Ken enjoyed a lovely three days in St. Tropez though that Sue didn't seem to care very much for her former friend, now mum-in-law. Warren is fabulous which meant lots of unbuttoned shirts and helicopters. Ken is as adorable a grandfather as he is a father and husband.

NEXT: Mauricio wonders how he ended up on the girls' trip.

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