The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recap: Vodka Shots Fired

Adrienne and Paul announce their separation and Faye acts the snide fool at Lisa's housewarming party
Ep. 18 | Aired Mar 18, 2013

YOU DISGUST HER Yolanda quickly grew weary of the Housewives sniping behind Brandi's back.


From across the party there came the sound of cracking twigs and a pulled groin. Adrienne went to investigate and was none too pleased to see a brown spray-painted Paul in splotchy grey briefs smirking down at her from a tree. "I'm looking at these beautiful people and then I see you," she said meanly before pretending to join the party in merry applause laughing up at Paul. "As long as he's getting attention and you're feeding his ego, he's happy," she said in private. "He actually looks a little pathetic."

In the very next scene  Lisa looked in her china closet, tut tutting over that morning's announcement of Adrienne and Paul's separation. Ah well, life must go on. She encouraged the chef to make the tacos sexy, then went outside to shoo Kevin into the pool to properly arrange the floating bed of rose hearts. Kevin willingly removed his jeans, revealing an enviable pair of smooth, toned women's legs.

In the limo over to the party Brandi and her friend Jennifer, who should always wear that color teal, shook their heads over Adrienne's split. Brandi would feel really bad about it if she didn't think it was a publicity stunt. You never can tell what's true, she said, when there's so many rumors to sort through. Rumors?  "Separate lives, different bedrooms, affairs, open marriage...." Oh Brandi, good thing you never did sign that keep-your-mouth-shut clause. "Who knows, maybe it was true? You never know." Of all the Housewives crew, it looked like Mauricio was taking the news harder than anyone. In their limo as Kyle worried about their friends, he sat there ashen and expressionless.  "Wow," he said.

The gates of Villa Rosa opened up as Housewives started arriving. Marisa braided her bangs back again and brought her mother as a date. Yolanda and Brandi wore white. Kim draped herself in flowing black while Camille went with royal blue. Her gold strappy platform heels were only rivaled in ridiculousness by Pandy's suitcase size heels. Taylor wore Renee Zellweger's gold sequined number from Chicago and brought her gays as dates. Brandi cornered Mauricio and asked him if she'd ever flirted with him before and he said no, before adding that she was welcome to start any time. Ooh, if Brandi could just find out who of the women said that she flirted with all the guys! (Oopsies, it was Yolanda.) Linda Foster showed up and, trying not to look up at Yolanda, presented the hostess with one of her jars of apricot jam. "I make apricot and plum every year," she said. "So middle class." Kyle admitted to the women that she got her love handles done. Yolanda announced loud and proud that David Foster is her King and obedience is strength and chartered planes are for paupers. Faye has a fiance?

In the end Yolanda pulled Marisa aside and put a shiv soaked in lemon juice to her neck. The woman had to atone for her sins. Admit that she threw Brandi under the bus! "Yolanda, when we were all together all I did was say look at this text Brandi sent me." Marisa just wanted everyone to be clear that her marriage is rock solid and she's not interested in a hall pass and if there is anyone at this housewarming party who's tall, dark, and handsome she'll meet them in five in the pool closet.

"Why are they attacking Marisa, she didn't do anything," whined Camille. Faye threw her drink on the floor, pushed up the sleeves of her aquamarine mermaid dress, and told Kyle it was time to rumble. Kyle wondered if they maybe could just whisper about it instead by the appetizer table? Faye was on her own for this  one and she appeared at Marisa's side, smirking in the garish sun. "You're not involved with this, you can go," snapped Brandi. "I'm involved with everything," shot back Faye. "Be a lady for once!" she ordered Brandi, before turning an insincere eye on Yolanda. "Yolanda, Yolanda, you're being misled by a very bad girl and I hate to see you go down this road." No one talks to Yolanda in that tone of voice. "Sweetheart, sweetheart, I'm 48 years old and I know which road I'm walking but thanks for your concern." Yolanda, you are my Queen. No matter how many times they asked Faye to walk away, and at this point even Marisa was desperate for her to buzz off, the woman dug in her heels and refused to budge. "No matter how many Chanels you borrow," she hissed at Brandi, "you will never, ever be a lady." She's like a villain from an early Julia Roberts movie! Then Faye blasted Brandi for breaking up Paul and Adrienne's marriage, an accusation so ridiculous, so desperate, that it barely bears repeating. Unfortunately Kim and Camille were off to the side, bleating the same damn nonsense.

Next week: Adrienne's Final Episode!

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