The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recap: Anybody up for a game of chess?

Brandi works hard to remind Kyle that Lisa hates her, while second-guessing her own friendship with the Dream Team captain.
Ep. 15 | Aired Feb 10, 2014

YOU'VE BEEN GOOGLED Brandy looked up Bobby Fischer and wouldn't you know it? There was Lisa's pretty face.


Their gossip session could only go so far so Brandi hit up the next Richards sister on a hike. Unfortunately for Brandi, fortunately for us, the poor woman was having an allergic reaction that made her tongue swell up. So most of what we got is "I don't know if I can thrust Thrisa anymore." At first Brandi's mission seemed less to align herself with Kyle than to remind the woman just how badly she'd supposedly been abused by Lisa. Remember how much Lisa used to hate you? she said. And how she trashed your husband? I don't know about you but I could never forgive someone for doing that to me. Soon Brandi was spilling that perhaps she really had been Lisa's lackey all along. "She really wanted to just banish Adrienne from the planet," she said. "I'm starting to wonder if I was doing her dirty work for her." In her most self-aware, so pathetically honest it was almost endearing, moment Brandi explained why she might have so easily fallen under Lisa's spell: "I wanted to feel like this fancy woman likes little old me."

Throughout Kyle restrained herself from jumping up and down in a victory dance but she couldn't quite manage to wipe a smug smirk off her face. "Brandi really was a wedge between Lisa and me and now we are bonding over our issues with Lisa," she said.  Brandi, who seemed both nervous and breathless with anticipation of shooting the scene, said she wasn't sure if she was 100% prepared to go up against Lisa. "She's smarter than all of us," she told Kyle, who was all "Hey wait, I'm smart too!"

In conclusion, Joyce did lazy laps around her pool with the Queen of a Distant Galaxy and Yolanda is 'merican now.

Next week: Lisa smells a rat.

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