The Real Housewives of Atlanta recap: Reading Railroad

Nene takes the high road, Mynique gets read, and Porsha learns an important lesson about trains 
Ep. 08 | Aired Dec 22, 2013

READ ALL ABOUT IT Porsha reads Mynique...or gets read by Mynique. Who could really be sure?


Phaedra returns from a non-public breast pumping and Mynique-not-Mystique apparently decides this is her time to jump into the fray by telling Phaedra that they’re talking about not being late and “you probably need to hear this most of all.” Phaedra levels her with a glare I would hate to see in the courtroom and coldly informs her that she is the mother of a newborn and has too many “jobs” to be concerned with what Mynique has to say about her tardiness. She seemingly gets over it then and there but one thing about Phaedra: When she’s not having something, no one else is having it either. Case closed.

The next morning, Mynique goes to Cynthia and asks her to do her eye makeup. This gets me working on a theory. Mynique seems to get how this show and these people work just a little too much. She could be a perfectly normal and lovely person, sure; but she could also be a cold, heartless maniac out to ruin the lives of Atlanta’s Housewives with a calculated take down. What else could explain her sweetly asking Cynthia to make her beautiful, just like her. She seems to know how to push people’s very specific buttons in both negative and positive ways (Cynthia's button: fawning over her beauty prowess), likely as a Step 1 to the 12 Step plan to destroy them all. This is a working theory that I intend to keep my eye on.

Cynthia wants to talk to Mynique about the way she “got read” by Phaedra. Apparently, even if Mynique didn’t "receive" the reading, the rest of the group “received it for her,” and she needs to be able to ready herself for potential future readings. “Whether you’re reading or getting read, you always want to at least look good.” Have no idea what I’m saying? Neither does Cynthia. Mynique listens to all this talk like only a person with a hidden agenda could. She then arrives for the day last of all the women, teases Phaedra about being ready before her, but is the only one to remember Phaedra’s breast pump after she forgets it at the house, effectively establishing herself as both fearless and important. She might just destroy them all.

Nene has arranged a tour of Savannah and their first stop is the First African Baptist Church, which was a part of the Underground Railroad. These women might be a little crazier, a little crasser at times, but riddle me this: would you ever find the Beverly Hills ladies sneaking an important history lesson into their trip to Palm Springs? But before I get to Atlanta-righteous...

NEXT: We all knew "Porsha Explains the Underground Railroad" would be bad but, yikes!

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