The Real Housewives of Atlanta recap: Timeliness is Next to Godliness

Kandi finally confronts Mama Joyce and Kenya confronts everyone else as the ladies head to Savannah
Ep. 07 | Aired Dec 15, 2013

THE SOUND OF CRAZY Cynthia wonders, "How do you solve a problem like Mama Joyce?"


Kandi is having yet another conversation with Mama Joyce, asking her to please stop trying to ruin her life. I notice that Mama Joyce is wearing the same clogs she tried to launch at Carmon at the bridal shop, so my hopes aren’t high. The conversation starts with some lies – Mama Joyce saying the OLG “were really joking” about their hurtful comments last week, and further, that Carmon was talking about “whipping [her] ass” – before Kandi finally calls her mom’s bluff and says she’s not picking sides, but she’s being irrational about not letting her live her own life.

After seeming to imply she’s “through” with her own daughter, Mama Joyce final comes around to hiss, “I’m washing my hands of your relationship and I’m going to do my best to stay completely out of it. If Todd makes you happy, I’m happy.” This may sound like a cooperative thing to say, but I think I can explain the way she says it best by telling you that my roommate, who does not watch this show, walked through the room just in time to hear only this line and said, “Oh, is that woman totally crazy?”

It’s time for the ladies to head to Savannah and Nene has arranged a brunch at her neighborhood club before they head out. Mynique and Kenya arrive promptly at 11:00 a.m., Cynthia gets there at 12:00, Porsha a little later, Kandi at 1:45 and Phaedra at 2:00. Kenya is frustrated with the tardiness from the beginning and is doing everything she can to get Nene turned up about it too. With each late arrival, Nene gets more and more frustrated with the disrespect her friends are showing, especially considering the Driveway Dinner from Hell in LA last season. I know that it’s annoying to get scolded as soon as you arrive somewhere, but the excuses these women pull out for being over an hour late, instead of just apologizing, are absurd. Nene gets upset, leaves for a while to center herself, and returns to get everyone on the bus.

I get that Kenya would be annoyed that she had to wait for three hours on women who were disrespecting her time, I really do. What I cannot understand is why she thinks it’s her place to storm onto Nene’s bus (who has made her frustrations clear and gotten over it) and start screaming about not liking “to wait on bitches” and telling everyone about the way the trip is going to go from here on out. Kenya, WHAT are you doing? You know you’re going to have to be on a bus with these people for the next three hours! What positive outcome could this possibly bring? Kandi tells her she can try talking to them calmly and when that is clearly not an option, finally snaps, with things getting heated just as the episode ends. Real Housewife trips are just the keenest!

Most Valuable Housewife: I already gave Cynthia her due, so I have to say Gregg, who was the ultimate housewife for Nene’s pre-trip brunch, bringing her a basket of champagne and liquor and waiting curbside to take the ladies’ luggage in a seersucker suit (can you call it a suit if it’s shorts and a blazer?).

Next Week: Apparently, Mynique might not serve as the calm presence she originally seemed to be.

Porsha Eardrum Shattering Threat Level: Red.

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