The Real Housewives of Atlanta recap: Mama Dearest

Phaedra and Apollo come to an understanding and Mama Joyce finally loses her mind
Ep. 06 | Aired Dec 8, 2013

FIGHTING WORDS All of them that aren't, "You're the only one I love," if you're Mama Joyce.


This is the scene that Kandi finds when she comes out in her first wedding dress. Take a moment and imagine how you might respond upon finding your mother trying to beat up your best friend in a bridal shop. Kandi does not react that way. She seems perturbed but not particularly surprised or concerned. I don’t want to call a woman I don’t know much about a “deranged liar,” but when Kandi’s aunt told her that Carmon jumped up “like she was fixing to do something to Joyce,” those are the words I screamed at the television. Because Carmon might have said some inappropriate things too, but at least she kept her butt firmly planted in that velvet chair while Mama Joyce wailed at her.

Kandi gets up on the pedestal in her dress, probably looking beautiful, but there wasn’t much time to tell before one of her aunts hissed, “I don’t like nothing about it.” Family: It’s forever! When Kandi goes to try on another dress, Mama Joyce tries to attack Carmon again after she says she’s not leaving. Carmon, still seated, tells her she’s acting a fool, and to prove her wrong, Mama Joyce shrieks and begins violently taking off her shoes in preparation to either throw them or for more agility in her next attack.

Returning to this scene yet again, Kandi asks Carmon to leave and steps up on the pedestal in another dress to face the cold, dead eyes of her mother and aunts. She asks what they think of the dress and both aunts scream, “I DON’T WANT YOU TO MARRY!” Kandi takes her cue to leave. Carmon finally tells Kandi that she’s going to have to make a choice to not keep dealing with this from her mother. Kandi somehow says, without laughing or weeping, that she’s learned to deal with her mother, but the people she loves, like Carmon and Todd, haven’t. Carmon says she feels sorry for her, and so do I. If she can't admit that she isn’t actually “dealing” with Mama Joyce, she’s going to let her run her life forever and make sure that no one else can make her happy. That’s some dark and twisted stuff, and it looks like it will start taking its toll on Kandi next week. If I could use a crying emoji here, I would.

Most Valuable Housewife: Kwame for physically preventing Mama Joyce from maiming multiple people.

Best Line: Phaedra on passing her embalming exams: “Praise the Lord and pass the formaldehyde.” Girl can turn a phrase.

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