The Real Housewives of Atlanta recap: Going Study

Phaedra competes for Most Likely To Succeed at mortician school, while Mama Joyce competes for Most Likely to Murder Someone in every situation ever
Ep. 05 | Aired Dec 1, 2013

HOMICIDAL TENDENCIES Kandi contemplates whether Mama Joyce might be the reason her water tastes so poison-y.

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Finally, it’s time for a meeting of the crazy with Mama Joyce, and Kandi’s hoping Todd can keep his cool. But she might want to turn that wish in the other direction because Mama comes in, fists clenched, eyes glared, barely acknowledging Todd. She passive aggressively asks if Carmen had anything to do with the meal because “it seems like Carmen is the lady of the house as much as Kandi is.” When asked to explain her random statement, she says that people are talking about something going on between Todd and Carmen because she’s around them so much.

In the very briefest moment of bravery, Kandi says, “I’m not fixing to have nobody sitting here that’s got something to say just because she’s at my house every day when I pay her to be here!” Mama Joyce just plows right through that reasonable statement and starts ranting about the lack of pictures of her in the house and the price of Kandi’s ring. I really wish I could be at an Arthur-level of respectful here, but Mama Joyce is so clearly jealous of Todd it’s creepy. Her insistence on Todd being a “provider” (re: make more money than Kandi and take care of her financially) is demeaning to her daughter and all of the hard work she’s put in to establish multiple successful career ventures throughout her lifetime.

She finally concedes that she’s “a work in progress,” but the way she says it sounds more like, “Imma’ murder one or both of you in your sleep and reverse-Norman-Bates you.” Ick.

Most Valuable Housewife: Phaedra for talking about embalming with a straight face and pursuing her dream of “coins, coins, coins” no matter how oddly specific the mortuary means.

Best Line: “I think I need a little more nurturing…let me go in my room and eat some bonbons and watch some Netflix and I’ll be thinking about it.” I’d bet $100 Porsha doesn’t know what a bonbon is (and I’d pay $100 to see her “Top Picks for Porsha”).

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