The Real Housewives of Atlanta recap: A Healthy Debate Between Friends

Apollo's puts his worst foot forward and the whole cast takes part in His and Hers arguments
Ep. 19 | Aired Mar 23, 2014

Clearly, no one has anything they want to offer up, so Kenya asks Nene if she stopped being friends with Marlo because of her. Nene shuts that down with a full-stop “NO,” and everyone thinks it’s a bit of a cop out considering Nene would never let that slide if she was the one asking the questions, but everyone also really wants to go pack, so they keep silent. Then Kenya says the phrase that always lets you know, if party hasn’t started yet, it certainly is now: “That brings me to the elephant in the room.” And hey, it’s Phaedra!

Kenya asks Phaedra why her fireside chat with Apollo upset her, and Phaedra completely lawyers her. “First of all, I have asked you not to speak to my husband outside my company. You should respect that if you think that we will ever have a friendship because you’re crossing the line and you’ve done so many times.” I’m not always impressed with Phaedra’s actions, and that is an airtight argument she should maybe be pointing in the direction of her no-good husband, but I do relish the moments when she says everything that needs to be said in two sentences or less, while Kenya has had to plan an entire trip to Mexico in order to tell people how she’s feeling about them.

Of course, then, Phaedra semi-threatens to slap Kenya, Kenya legitimately tries to tell Phaedra not to speak for her own husband, and everything just kind of dissolves into screams of, “I did not try to f—k your husband!” Porsha jumps in to offer her true but kind of tired “you can’t understand if you’ve ever been married” angle, and instead of ignoring her like everyone else, Kenya informs Porsha that she’s never really been married either because she “basically admitted [she] was Kordell’s beard.” As you might have assumed, Porsha responds with a lot of high-octane screaming, mostly revolving around “YOU A MOTHER F—KING LIE” and “THE CONVICTION OF A WIFE” and “AHHHHHHHHHH!” Porsha decides to back down because they were both hitting below the belt, and after both vocalizing that they don’t trust each other, Phaedra and Kenya decide that, well, at least they can agree not to trust each other.

Now everybody can finally go grab their terrible husbands and get to pack — Oh, the men are about to murder each other back in Kenya’s cabana? Cool.

My assumption is that Kenya pumped gas fumes through the vents to get the men fighting, which would at least explain why Gregg decided that now, at two in the morning in Mexico, would be a good time to bring up Peter getting too in Nene’s face at Kenya’s charity event. Gregg says Peter can bring whatever he wants to him, but never to get in his wife’s face again. The two get into a near violent screaming match about whether Nene or Peter confronted the other first at the event, and there’s so much bleeping and psssssh-ing I truly cannot tell what’s happening, but I’m pretty sure Gregg says “you can f—k me all day” at some point. WHAT IS HAPPENING IN MEXICO?

The women run to find out what's happening and Nene immediately gets right in Peter’s face and tells him to stop getting involved in women’s business, aka, “trying to be a damn bitch.” I am very fearful of watching an episode of RHOA that features victimizing a man because he feels emasculated, and a woman defining all of womankind by being gossipy and getting in cat fights. Please, please, please let there be some redeeming factor; and if that’s not possible, give me 30 straight minutes of Ayden doing household chores and refusing to hold Apollo’s hand, and I’ll be happy.

After this crazy week, what are you expecting from next week?

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