The Real Housewives of Atlanta recap: A Healthy Debate Between Friends

Apollo's puts his worst foot forward and the whole cast takes part in His and Hers arguments
Ep. 19 | Aired Mar 23, 2014

Nene is up next and she draws, “Name something that annoys you about another couple in the room.” Seriously, Kenya? Seriously with these questions and this party and this whole Mexico storyline of trapping everyone in one place and screwing with them? Luckily for Kenya’s evil plan, Nene really just needs an audience and a piece of paper with a few words on it to start a mutiny. Which couple is Nene most annoyed by? Why, Porsha and her boyfriend, Ignorance, but of course. Nene is annoyed by Porsha’s ignorance "to say that old men don’t have sex or don’t have it enough.” This complaint of ignorance for the woman who once said she thought the Underground Railroad was real train. Is this really the battle you’re choosing in the Porsha vs. Ignorance war?

Miss Lawrence draws a fun, and not at all loaded, “What would you define as cheating?” And, well, he’s got some unique views – you want a quickie one night stand, go for it – but not nearly as interesting as the way Apollo and Phaedra choose to define cheating. Phaedra says if you want to cheat, you should not get married. Apollo thinks, no matter what, all people cheat: “At some given point, there’s a breaking point.” This certainly seems like an important difference of opinion in regard to the constraints of monogamy between two married people. Apollo doesn’t think Phaedra is cheating on him now, but he knows that she will and, as a personal favor to him, her husband, he just asks that she wear a condom. Of note: They’re talking this out in front of 12 grown people on beanbag bucket chairs.

"At the end of the day" strikes again: Apollo compares cheating to having insurance in case your house catches on fire: “Theoretically, you don’t plan on your house burning. I’m never saying to myself, ‘My wife is going to do this’, but at the end of the day, when your house does burn down, you have Geico to call on.” This feels like one of the very few times someone has used this idiom even close to correctly on RHOA. The end of the day is inevitable; it comes no matter what. What Apollo is saying is that Phaedra will inevitably cheat on him. And of course what he means by that is that he will inevitably cheat on her. And of course what I mean by that is that he has already cheated on her, probably a lot of times, probably in their own bed, all while she was taking care of their children and going to mortuary school and actually being ignorant to her own situation of being married to a doofus.

Kenya deems her little psychological warfare project “a healthy debate” and gives instruction for the men to go to her room to hang out while the women stay in the Bean Bag Chairs of Death to “put everything on the table” and go back to Atlanta on good terms. That seems like a really solid plan that always works, and is definitely not a trap. Once the men leave, Kenya asks if anyone has anything they want to clear up before they head to bed. Nope, all good here; we’re pretty much in agreement that we hate you and mostly like each other, so if you could just remove the zip-ties binding us to these beanbag chairs, we’ll be on our way.

NEXT: He said, she said, they all said: FIGHT!

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