The Real Housewives of Atlanta recap: Common-Law Shade

Kenya makes moves toward becoming both a mother and the worst person on the planet, and it’s all just a waiting game until next week
Ep. 12 | Aired Jan 19, 2014

GRADE-A DISH Cynthia contemplates if maybe Kenya wasn't the safest person to whom to entrust her gossip.


Apparently, Kenya and Christopher Williams once toured in a play together and at the time, he told Kenya that Natalie was his “common-law wife.” And this is what she tells Natalie. Unprompted. In front of the entire group of women. Actually, first she says he used to call her his “girlfriend” and then she clarifies that it was “common-law wife.”

Phaedra, our resident “legal eagle” (that was my LOL moment of the night) says that means two people have decided they’re married, but haven’t been wed in front of an officer of the court. I looked it up on Wikipedia; it checks out. After bringing this up in front of everyone and basically ruining a woman’s whole day (and possibly her legal or non-legal marriage) Kenya demurs, “but I really just want to stay out of it.”

Natalie mostly manages to keep her cool, she just seems confused about the accusation, and everyone heads in the direction of a breadbasket to soak up some of that Atlanta pinot grigio. But not in time enough for Natalie to avoid disturbing the hornet’s nest. When Kandi brings up Todd at lunch, Natalie starts into her little story about him breaking her best friend’s heart a long time ago. I don’t know why she brought it up, but my judgment of her really hinges on how far she was planning to go with the story. Simple anecdote? Opportunist (drink!) accusation? We’ll never know, because Kenya then reveals the bomb that she’s been sitting on all day: “She told Cynthia your man was an opportunist!”

And then it’s just Excuse-ville as Natalie tries to explain that she simply said Todd was a hustler, which is different. I have no idea what type of person Natalie is; if she told Cynthia what she did merely to be dramatic; or if she planned to say the exact same thing to Kandi at the lunch table. I have no idea if she is legally married to her husband or if he used to say they weren’t.

What I do know is that what Kenya did and what Natalie did were two totally different things: Natalie told one friend that she trusts something about that friend’s friend, with unclear intentions; Kenya said something very personal and insulting to a woman she barely knows, in front of a bunch of other women that woman barely knows, with very clear intentions: just make it to season 7.

The only one who comes out of this looking good is Kandi, who handles herself like the boss that she explains she is (and semi-insults Peter at the same time – score!): “Bottom line, for you to say that he wants to date up, you just letting me know that you think I’m a hot bitch. And I am! And it’s all good, and the buck stops here! It don’t get no hotter, you’re right. Give it up for Todd – he came up!”

Long live Kandi! Well, until she maybe goes to jail for beating someone’s ass in a nightie next week. But it looks like everyone else will be there right along with her.

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