Project Runway recap: Sporty Spice

Sports and Runway designers didn't mix in this week's athletic wear challenge
Ep. 08 | Aired Sep 5, 2013

YOU'RE OUT! Most of the designers tripped over their own feet in this sporty challenge.

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Heidi mysteriously liked this one, but the rest of the judges absolutely destroyed it. Even the model had to turn away and laugh. What the hell was Alexandria thinking? Who wants webbed legs at the gym? That extra flap of fabric would be great for collecting crotch sweat, but that's about it. Michael really went for it: "If you want guys to leave you alone at the gym, wear that look"; "You pooped in your pants!" Ouch!



Ken's model looked absolutely miserable wearing this purple Grimace costume. It actually wasn't particularly ugly, but there was zero fashion element to it.



Oh no. The model looked like a toddler showing off her sweats combo. The judges all railed on the construction -- Karen may have been better off with the Martian sports bra. Michael supplied a few more gems: "She looks like she's going to a buffet on a cruise... She could put cookies in her pockets." Can buffet pants be a thing? They'd be a sensation!

Did you think Ken deserved the auf or was it Karen's time? Were you offended by Ken's tirade? Sound off in the comments!

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