Project Runway recap: Sporty Spice

Sports and Runway designers didn't mix in this week's athletic wear challenge
Ep. 08 | Aired Sep 5, 2013

YOU'RE OUT! Most of the designers tripped over their own feet in this sporty challenge.

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On the runway, the judges' opinions were all over the place, and they certainly didn't arrive at a consensus regarding the top and bottom looks. Perhaps Michael Kors' return threw a sassy wrench into things. He is certainly missed. Clearly, his withering critiques had been bottled up inside him after all that time away from the show.

Out of the "Safe" looks, I had a big problem with Jeremy's. He called the color of his own pants "shockingly disgusting" and had no faith in his look, for good reason. He might be safe this week, but things aren't looking good for him in the future.





Heidi and Zac liked this one -- and I thought it was impressive, too -- but Nina and Michael both gave it low marks for not being particularly memorable. Nina didn't like the color blocking, and upon closer inspection, the judges weren't too thrilled about the craftsmanship, other than the seamless pants.



Based on the judges' comments, I really thought Kate would win this one. Heidi thought it had just the right amount of color, and Michael loved the zipper in the back. She kind of looks like she's wearing Power Ranger boots, though.



Once again, Helen won, and once again, I didn't quite agree with the judges. I think the judges liked that Helen's look was almost practical but not quite. Nina loved that it covered a woman's thighs and butt, and everyone loved the stylish, versatile jacket.

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