Project Runway recap: Sporty Spice

Sports and Runway designers didn't mix in this week's athletic wear challenge
Ep. 08 | Aired Sep 5, 2013

YOU'RE OUT! Most of the designers tripped over their own feet in this sporty challenge.

Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

Heidi joined Tim to plug her activewear line with New Balance. The winning designer would have the opportunity to sell their look in stores as part of Heidi's collection. The designers were right to be apprehensive about the challenge. Higher-end gymwear is certainly a trend right now -- I've seen so many groups of women going to nice restaurants post-gym in their Lululemon and impeccable makeup -- but there was almost no way this theme could lead to an interesting runway show.

In the workroom, Ken the miniature man had a serious breakdown of epic proportions after Helen refused to share a hot tip that Tim had given her. I would guess that the only reason the show didn't make a bigger deal out of the incident is that Ken so obviously poses no physical threat, but he verbally threatened Helen with such vitriol and Chihuahua-like aggression that he came across as legitimately unhinged. It was hard to keep up with all the f-bombs and "bitch"es because they machine-gunned out of his mouth so freely. He went from spewing all that hate to calling his "spiritual mother" from his church for guidance, which was a disturbing juxtaposition, partly because so much of Ken's meanness seems rooted in misogyny, given his disparaging comments about women's age and bodies and his past tirades against female castmates. After Tim the Benevolent worked his magic, Ken apologized to Helen, but still, the blowup gave me chills... until I just started laughing.

Heidi, as someone who hopes to profit from the winning look, visited the workroom along with Tim this week, and she was a tough client. She ripped into Karen's neon sports bra look, saying, It is Martian. It's crazy. Only two percent of women would want to look like that." After that, Karen decided to start from scratch -- it was hilarious how much her model hated the look.

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