Project Runway recap: 'It's a Nice Day for a Rock Wedding'

Wedding dresses go wild in a Dita Von Teese-inspired challenge.
Ep. 06 | Aired Aug 28, 2014

PATTERN MAKER Korina designs a tuxedo jacket in an alternative wedding dress challenge.

Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a showmance on Project Runway, so it’s nice to see the blossoming love of Amanda and Fäde. He would let his model go NUDE down the runway if Amanda needed to vent. Ladies and gentleman, we have our winner. (Is there a Miss Congeniality on Runway? Because there should be.)

For all of Korina’s futzing, her jacket and pants, along with Amanda’s fun party dress, keep them safe. And she’s lucky because the design still isn’t innovative, and it’s not sewn particularly well either.

Emily and Fäde cooked up quite the backstory for their bride: something about an artistic, introverted woman who ends up in Japan and finds love. But the judges, aside from Heidi, do not have love for Emily’s Gothic funeral wedding dress. Zac says Elvira wouldn’t even wear it. One of the only rules for this challenge was "don’t be costumey," and that’s the one rule she broke. But no matter, the judges don’t hate Fäde’s bodycon in a custom textile, so they are only bottom-ish.

On the other hand, Kini and Sean have a strong, relatable backstory for their bride: a gay wedding. Although their styles aren’t exactly the same, their two looks go together flawlessly. It’s hard to imagine either look was made in 24 hours because they are both impeccable. And it leads them to be the only team in the top.

Big Bird and Tweety Bird. Can you say anything else? They are both too yellow and drapey in all the wrong ways. Landing in the bottom is what occurs when good designers happen to bad fabric.

The third team in the bottom, Samantha and Alexander, just have a confusing look—and it is just one look. Rather than showcasing their individual styles, they came up with a too-similar aesthetic, and it led to an odd hodgepodge of embellishments and lace.

Win: Sean, and he joins Sandhya and Amanda in the season 13 two-time winners club.

Out: Charketa. It seemed too early for this Detroit designer to go, but when your dress is compared to Tweety Bird, there’s nowhere to fly but out the door.

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