Project Runway recap: 'The Klum of Doom'

The designers end up making a second trip to Mood to satisfy a surly client—Heidi Klum.
Ep. 05 | Aired Aug 21, 2014

(NOT) GREEN WITH ENVY Korina picks a muted hunter green fabric for Heidi's red carpet look, and it's not received well.

Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

For the first time, Mitchell was self-aware, but sadly that doesn't make is look any better. He knew this red dress was no good. His taste levels weren't high enough to keep him out of the bottom.

Sean's fringe look almost made Zac's eyes roll 180 degrees. It was an impeccable look. Being in the bottom two for the past two weeks, Sean had something to prove—and he did—on his way to the top. The fringe was trimmed so flawlessly, maybe he should be a hairdresser.

Heidi kept calling Korina's color choice "sad." And there's really no better word for this bottom look. Korina is capable of much more than this, but she gave up. Even when given the opportunity to pick a new textile, she picked a slightly less muted, but still hunter green, fabric. She was defeated and let it affect her outcome.

In: Sean. When someone says "it's the American dream" about his win, how can you not be happy for him?

Out: Mitchell, who surprisingly went out like a winner, saying "Good luck girls, you belong here" to Kristine and Korina on his way off the runway.

Also out: Kristine.

The Heidi Challenge lived up to its name: the designers struggled this week. At least half of the safe designers, should be thankful that there were so many worse designs... so many that it made the judges feel the need for the double elimination. But this could be what the designers need to realize they need to step it up—especially for Korina, who really should have been sent home in a triple elimination.

Most true words: "I have no idea why they love Amanda so much." You and America both, Samantha.

Famous last words: "Red could read hooker or red could read gorgeous. So I gotta do it right." —Mitchell

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