Project Runway recap: 'The Klum of Doom'

The designers end up making a second trip to Mood to satisfy a surly client—Heidi Klum.
Ep. 05 | Aired Aug 21, 2014

(NOT) GREEN WITH ENVY Korina picks a muted hunter green fabric for Heidi's red carpet look, and it's not received well.

Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

But it turns out Heidi does have compassion—or she was worried about only having a couple options for the Creative Arts Emmys (not to be confused with the real Emmys)—so minutes later she comes back and offers each designer a second trip to Mood with $100. This turns out to be a godsend for more than half of the designers, as seven people end up making the return trip and snagging more fabric. The best part about this added element is learning that Sandhya is a hustler. She played by the rules, asked nicely for unused cash, and was able to purchase an incredible fabric. Mitchell you may call her selfish, but I'm with Char: "How can you be mad at her for that?"

Although Korina, Kristine, and Mitchell all struggle to get their looks down the runway in time, Tim's hounding gets them out the door in time. But none of them look comfortable as the settle in across the runway from guest judge Lindsey Vonn. It's never a good sign with practically half of the designers are unhappy with what's going down the runway.

Alexander's model's butt cheeks, Sandhya's expensive fabric, Char's blue drapey dress, Samantha's lacy front (which probably should have been in the top), Fäde's striped ensemble, and Emily's Mad Max-esque mini dress are all safe.

Evoking old Hollywood glamour, Kini's look received Zac's highest score of the night. The photo doesn't do it justice, but the volumous skirt with the perfectly fit top is definitely Kini's wow moment. He easily is back in the top.

Although Zac has an allergic reaction to Amanda's beading, the female judges love her design, so she's back on top as well. It's the perfect combination of a red-carpet dress and an Amanda look.

Poor Kristine. Maybe if she had stuck with her gray fabric, it wouldn't have turned out quite as poorly as this "boob canyon" look. She agreed with all of the judges' critiques, and it was no surprise to her that she was on the bottom.

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