Project Runway recap: Remixing an American Classic

The designers go to Red Robin and back again to create classically inspired, high-fashion looks.
Ep. 04 | Aired Aug 14, 2014

RECORD SCRATCH Hernan makes the questionable decision to use vinyl in his draping dress.

Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

Poor Sean. In the bottom again. Nina says it best: It looks like the model just had a breast operation and is swathed in bandages. The judges aren't quite as harsh as they were last episode, but only because they aren't audibly laughing at the look.

Alexander went from the bottom to the top in one week. He mentioned at the beginning of the episode that tonight was about redemption for him, and he pulled it off. The crop top and voluminous skirt achieved a look that was both feminine and edgy (and really should have been his look for the futuristic challenge).

Hernan—he literally put his blood into this design and it still lands him on the bottom. He immediately wins in one aspect: Inspiring the best superhero name ever... "Supervagina." This is one look he won't be loaning out to J-Lo.

Winner: Amanda, even though it should have been Kini.

Out: Hernan

When he began (and never stopped) complaining about the fabric he was given, Hernan fell into a trap—just like many past Project Runway designers. The bottom line: If you can't "make it work," you're going to get sent home. As a bonus, he complained about the fabric he chose. There are three floors full of fabric at Mood—not being able to select a good accompanying fabric is not an excuse, especially when you choose vinyl.

Sandhya finally stood up for herself—flipping Hernan the bird when he called her a "bitch"—and minutes later he was sent home. Well, Hernan, I'd say it's more like karma's the bitch.

Best line: "We even have a burger for people who don't eat meat." –Jason Rusk, who has never heard of the term "veggie."

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