Project Runway recap: Remixing an American Classic

The designers go to Red Robin and back again to create classically inspired, high-fashion looks.
Ep. 04 | Aired Aug 14, 2014

RECORD SCRATCH Hernan makes the questionable decision to use vinyl in his draping dress.

Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

As the models finally make it down the runway in the completed looks, it's hard to tell what's in the top or bottom based solely on how the judges have been swaying this season. (Ignoring the fact that there's an 18-year-old judge best known for YouTube weighing in this week.) They don't feel strongly about Mitchell's blue suit in a Ziploc bag (really!?), Emily's plaid capri number, Char's giant bow skirt, Korina's iteration of the motorcycle jacket, Fäde's officewear look, Samantha's LBD, or Sandhya's explosion of color, because they're all safe.

Kini is the only designer who hasn't been on the runway before, and luckily he made it there for being on top. He incorporated the suit shoulders into a sophisticated, sexy dress that the judges couldn't say enough good things about.

When Kristine's name is called, it is a toss-up for which end of the spectrum she's on—but she indeed ends up on the bottom. Her look is not great—the organza pant extension is incredibly bizarre—but it is still better than a Ziploc dress. (Are the judges just keeping Mitchell around for color commentary?)

Amanda is back on top with her "hippy hot" fringe ensemble. Although she was able to accomplish a lot with a pink, floral suit, it's more Anthropologie chic than "high fashion."

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