Project Runway recap: Tie The Knot

Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson brings his foundation's neckwear collection to Project Runway, with a challenge all about bow ties
Ep. 04 | Aired Aug 8, 2013

A DEBONAIRE DUO Tim and Jesse looking sharp while sporting Tie The Knot neckwear. 


And now we'll take a short break and cut to Tim Gunn, with the latest report on Sandro's disappearance. Tim enters the judging panel after critiques to let Heidi and friends know about Sandro's backstage feud with fellow designers, and his flee from the building. Nina laughs in awe, and Heidi looks both shocked and intrigued by the latest drama development. Tim will report back when they locate the missing designer.

In the meantime, the judges get up close and personal with the best and worst garments. Tim explains how he encouraged Miranda "sexifying" her blouse, and the designers become even more confused with the "octopus-y" (Zac's word, not mine) appearance of Sue's gown. It doesn't take long for the judges to dub Bradon's ensemble the winning look, and it won't be the only win for the prevailing designer this evening.

After learning of his challenge win, Bradon thanks Jesse Tyler Ferguson (he's a full-name kind of celebrity, am I right?) for inspiring him through the Tie The Knot cause, and proposes to his partner Josh ON THE RUNWAY! The judges are shocked and touched by his surprise, and Heidi requests to be a bridesmaid. This isn't about you, Klum. Bradon planned on having Josh learn of the proposal when the episode aired, but a Skype session after the runway showed that Josh and Bradon were on the same page, with marriage written all over it.

"I realize you probably didn't know about the stuff going on in the news today, but the Supreme Court issued a complete dismissal of Prop. 8," Josh shares. "Will you marry me?" Bradon, of course, says yes, and then tells Josh that technically his runway proposal was first.

Congratulations, Bradon and Josh!

And the happy couple were not the only two to hear yeses. Despite the clear fashion failures on tonight's runway, a turn of events acts as a lifeboat big enough for all three of the bottom designers. Sandro's outburst slapped him with an immediate dismissal from the competition, providing the bottom designers with second chances across the board.

Three saved designers, two proposals, and one elimination later, that's a wrap for the Tie The Knot challenge. Who deserved to be eliminated? Does anyone else hope we see either more (or less) of the designers coasting along in the middle of the pack?

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