Project Runway recap: Tie The Knot

Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson brings his foundation's neckwear collection to Project Runway, with a challenge all about bow ties
Ep. 04 | Aired Aug 8, 2013

A DEBONAIRE DUO Tim and Jesse looking sharp while sporting Tie The Knot neckwear. 




Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 6.33.00 PM

And a close-up if you can't see the bow tie detail...

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The bow tie crop top demonstrates his impeccably clean hand-stitching abilities, and the fabric of the jacket and shorts add a texture contrast that Nina loves. Heidi even admits that if she had the model's body (which from the number of bikini Instagrams she uploads, you would think she does) she would wear Bradon's look every day. Simple yet intricate, Bradon's look is wearable and sexy for the daring. Bradon ties the knot with a challenge win!


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Despite the optical illusion of stripes on her dress, Dom's look is adorable and happy. Perfect for a wedding. Nina describes it as a celebration that perfectly parallels the celebration of the Tie The Knot challenge. What does Jesse Tyler Ferguson love? The hairstyle. "Can we just talk about how there's a bow tie on her head? It's amazing. Her hair is a bow tie, and it's on her head!"


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It doesn't surprise me that the designer who constantly whips out show-stopping dresses is a bit more of an amateur when it comes to pants. But with her design and construction skills becoming more and more evident every week, Kate scored a top three spot even after constructing an unfamiliar garment. Nina, with her hip and cool lingo, describes the pants as "sick," and Heidi raves that it's fashion-forward and sexy. Although it's one of the tamer runway looks, the blouse and riding pant are modern and fun, and show us a different side to feminine, Princess Kate.



Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 6.37.37 PM

Heidi claims she is shocked to find out that Sue made this dress. "What a mess!" she says. If Heidi spent an hour in the workroom, the connection between this trail of bow ties and its direction-less designer would be much easier to match. Zac throws at her the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep it simple, stupid). The simple high-collared black gown beneath the bow tie exoskeleton isn't completely unwearable. But with the crazy appendage of tentacles draped over the gown, it regresses to amateur, unfinished, and incomprehensible.


Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 6.32.21 PM

The homage to his grandmother unfortunately aged his young model, with the grown up, serious red jacket. Zac and Heidi are distracted by the model's belly button peeking through. I was not immediately scared away by the jacket if edits were made. Maybe without the red sash, a skinny pant, and loose, casual hair, the look could become a bit more youthful.


Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 6.38.46 PM

Miranda missed the mark by not using the bow tie in a clever way (it's hidden within the shirt collar) and taking Tim's critique of adding sex appeal too seriously by cropping the blouse. Zac says he's seen enough of her well-made pencil skirts and hopes to see something else in the future.

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