Project Runway recap: Tie The Knot

Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson brings his foundation's neckwear collection to Project Runway, with a challenge all about bow ties
Ep. 04 | Aired Aug 8, 2013

A DEBONAIRE DUO Tim and Jesse looking sharp while sporting Tie The Knot neckwear. 


Heidi is looking like Lady Chippendales in a liquid black bodycon mini and a silver bow tie. Many of the designers are also sporting the Tie The Knot neckwear, along with Zac, Tim, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Nina wasn't feeling as festive today.

Although there were several impressive pieces on tonight's runway, the obvious placement and visibility of many of the bow ties within the designs seemed sloppy and forced. Alexander's rainbow bow tie fan swooping around the neck of his model looked reminiscent of a tie display at Nordstrom, and Helen, Sue, and Sandro's garments appeared as if bow tie body braces were strapped to their models before being sent down the runway.

But I certainly wasn't the only one to notice Helen's bizarre gown that resembles the mess she sent down the runway two weeks ago. Before dismissing the safe contestants, Heidi stops Helen to warn her that her immunity might have been the only thing to save her this week. Nina is unsure if Helen would have won the week before without Kate as her partner. Before Helen even has the chance to break down into tears, someone who just can't learn to put a sock in it pipes in with a question.

"I would love to know some notes and comments about my garment," Sandro says. And as he predicted, his judge nemesis Zac quickly jumps in with harsh critique: "It looks like the walk of shame after an awards show." Zac fills the void of Michael Kors' snarky comments fittingly. Zac does compliment the construction of the gown, but notes that Sandro's taste is questionable. Here is a screen grab if you need a visual:

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 6.35.50 PM

"You are safe today. You know that, right?" Heidi reminds him, as he gets increasingly hot-headed. Zac asks Heidi if she would ever wear the pink gown, and she quickly replies with a no. And as expected, Sandro doesn't like that, because this isn't the What Would Heidi Wear competition, now is it? Heidi dismisses the safe designers and tells Sandro that next time he is in the top or bottom they can discuss his garment.

Remember that face-off at the beginning of the episode? Well here we go. Helen calls out Sandro for being disrespectful on the runway and picking an inappropriate time to chime in. She argues that even after getting ripped apart again by the judges and disagreeing with their suggestion that Kate was the reason she was awarded immunity, even she didn't cause a scene.

Yelling, fighting, swear words, Ken saying his piece and getting some on-screen time for once -- the room gets increasingly awkward. With some Helen tears, Ken insults, and Sandro middle fingers, the Russian is out the door and shoving cameras out of his face on the street outside of Parsons.

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