Project Runway recap: Tie The Knot

Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson brings his foundation's neckwear collection to Project Runway, with a challenge all about bow ties
Ep. 04 | Aired Aug 8, 2013

A DEBONAIRE DUO Tim and Jesse looking sharp while sporting Tie The Knot neckwear. 


Twelve seasons in and there is still something so comforting about Tim's consultations. No matter how brutally honest his critique is, he always has the best interest in mind for his little designer ducklings. He suggests that Dom focus entirely on perfecting every detail of her dress, rather than rushing to add a jacket to her look. Miranda's black and white jacket looks a little too matronly with the addition of the pale pink necktie, and Tim suggests adding some sex appeal or pizzazz instead.

Our style mentor Tim is a pro at giving the utterly confused expression rather than an outright look of concern, which is entirely the case with Sue and her double mannequin situation. Instead of one poorly sewn garment, Sue has managed to rough her way through two unfinished pieces. No, they are not complementary pieces in any shirt-and-blouse, suit-and-tie sort of way; She has actually started crafting two entirely separate looks. A black dress with a bow tie "exoskeleton" and length tail of ties, and a Little Red Riding Hood something or other manifesting beside it. The Mood receipt is making much more sense now. Leave it to Sue to put a $400 price tag on indecisiveness.

Sandro picks Top Gunn's (his new nickname choice, approved by Tim himself) brain regarding the light pink dress with bow tie-suspender-eque pieces attached to the bodice. He fears adding a jeweled clutch from the BELK accessories wall (See? I can product place too, guys) will be too much. Tim says that it's entirely Sandro's choice, and he is there to support him. Sandro's just in broken record mode, repeatedly exclaiming, "It's too much!" He worries more about getting into a negative confrontation with Zac Posen than remaining true to his aesthetic. But between the lady part-revealing leotard and the Russian vixen diamond ensemble, I'm not entirely sure what his aesthetic is yet. In the wise words of Tim, "You be Sandro, I'll be Top Gunn."

Helen doesn't feel so confident after Tim's critique, now fearing that her menswear-inspired design isn't feminine enough to change her approach now. "You want me to walk away because you're going to burst into tears!" Tim says. And he's right, because ol' waterworks politely excuses herself from the workroom to give herself a moment. Better now than the runway, Hel!

Perfectly juxtaposed with Helen's nervous Nellie moment is Kate's consultation regarding the equestrian-style shirt and pants ensemble she's constructing. After Tim suggests avoiding the use of leather in a way that cuts off the leg, Kate mentally edits her plan and decides to create a tie-shaped leather piece as an accent down the side of the pant. Kudos to the Runway veteran.

Once some type of garment is thrown on a model, it instantly appears to have at least a smidgen of potential. Sandro watches his model walk, and the Cinderella pink gown doesn't look entirely hopeless, except for the giant problem of the random bow tie suspenders slapped on the front. Helen doesn't know "what the f--- she's doing," Miranda can't seem to add sexiness to her design, and Dom fears that the pieces she is adding resemble vaginas. Bradon, a tad behind time-wise, has hopes of finishing a jacket to add to his skin-bearing top before the runway tomorrow.

Everyone take a quick moment and remember Ken and Karen also exist somewhere in this competition before we head to the runway.

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