Project Runway recap: Got 2B 'Real'

Ken throws a tantrum for the record books during this season's 'Real People' challenge
Ep. 10 | Aired Sep 19, 2013

BOOB PATROL The real boob this season was Ken.





Alexandria's superfan Stephanie, the youngest of the bunch, wanted an interview outfit for an art gallery job. This was far from a disaster — Heidi said it didn't look youthful, and Zanna didn't think it was modern despite the modern art influence — but I could see a 20-year-old on a budget wearing this to an interview ... whether she gets the job is another story.



Now this was an unmitigated disaster. Alexander was out of his element the moment Andrea asked for a suit. The idea didn't look bad in the sketches, but the execution was all wrong. Alexander didn't even have time to make a proper lining, and there were just random loose flaps of black fabric in the back. He knew he was probably going. Heidi liked the silhouette, but bottom line, he didn't finish his work.

Ken - OUT


Ken might have finished his look, and his model Susan may have loved it, but Ken deserved to go home. When Ken can find an excuse to blame someone else for a failure, he'll take it. He did it in the challenge when he was teamed up with Alexandria and Sue, spending more time figuring out how to blame them for their project's failure than trying to make it a success, and he did it again this week. He may have said sweet words about making his model happy, but he was passive-aggressively insulting his superfan's taste any chance he got. He didn't give the dress his full effort because he knew he had an excuse he could fall back on — it's what his client asked for. It was his job as a designer to help his client see beyond her immediate preferences, and the result was uglier than Alexander's disaster. Also, I loved that Heidi named herself the "boob patrol" ... Um, Heidi, do you remember your out-of-bounds cleavage exposure two seasons ago? I'm not sure you're the best candidate for the job.

Thank goodness Ken is out. Tim threw a little shade at Ken when he told him to clear out his workstation -- none of the usual warm fuzzies tonight!

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