Project Runway season premiere recap: Sustain-a-BULL

Timothy Westbrook steals the premiere with his questionable "sustainability" philosophies. Plus: a new twist that means more Tim Gunn
Ep. 01 | Aired Jul 18, 2013

AN INCONVENIENT SPOOF Is Timothy for real?


Showtime! The lovely Kate Bosworth was on hand to guest-judge. Heidi announced yet another twist this season -- the Tim Gunn Rescue -- which I fully support because it requires more Tim Gunn, which is always a good thing. Tim will be back on the runway, and if he disagrees with the judges strongly enough, he can use one save to rescue a designer from elimination. Another twist: This season, there will be "blind" judging -- the judges won't know who designed what look until the top and bottom groups are decided. What do you think of that? Do you think it's sometimes crucial to know whose point of view a look is coming from in order to judge it correctly?

I'm going to spare you all from getting overloaded by too many of my terrible screen grabs by skipping all the "safe" looks. Just a couple of highlights: I thought Karen's ill-fitting muumuu belonged in the bottom, Helen's frock was a decorative trash bag, and when I saw Jeremy's look, I wrote, "Just boring enough for Nina to fall in love with." Now for the best and worst:




Despite being as perplexed by a standard sewing machine as Queen Elizabeth would be by Snapchat, Sue turned in an exceptionally well-constructed dress. Heidi complimented the color progression, and Zac repeatedly called it "very exciting."

Bradon - WINNER


As I imagined it was for many folks watching at home, Bradon's was instantly my favorite look of the night. Clearly, he put a lot of thought into the look without letting his story get too convoluted (see: Sandro, Timothy). Zac appreciated the billowy movement of the train; Nina loved the fragility of the straps up top contrasted with the drama of the bottom. An easy winner, and the model totally sold it.




In an interesting move, Miranda's dress got downgraded from the top group to the bottom after the judges learned only 15 percent of her fabric came from the parachute. Tim said, "The teacher in me would give her an F." It was a good call for the judges to put her in the bottom because you can't reward the outright flouting of the rules. It was also a good call not to eliminate her, because she has some interesting tricks up her sleeve, methinks.

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