Project Runway recap: Southern Fashionality

The designers create looks for the modern Southern belle. For the first time in Runway history, the bottom designers get a second chance
Ep. 09 | Aired Sep 12, 2013

DEVIL CAME DOWN TO GEORGIA This season's villain thought this Southern-themed challenge would be right up his alley.





I didn't think this was nearly as bad as the judges said. Nina compared the color blocks to "hospital scrubs," and Zac said the whole look lacked "oomph." I find it interesting that two of the bottom designers are the ones with the strongest ties to the South, and those same two are the only African-Americans. I'm not crying racial bias or anything like that, but it's possible that the judges are just as ignorant to the full spectrum and diversity of Southern fashion as some of the designers.



Again, I didn't think this deep purple gown was all that bad, but Ken is living proof that a stank attitude just makes everything worse. Nina was ready to eliminate him based on his eye-rolls and shade-throwing alone, and I wouldn't have complained.



Oh, come on! Even though Jeremy defended his look on the runway, there's NO WAY he thought the judges would let this fly. It's as if he ran down the list of every criteria that would get him eliminated. Matronly? Check. Boring? Check. Hideous colors? Check. This shapeless frock had zero design, and Jeremy had to know that. It's a shame because Jeremy started out with such promise, but his fire got extinguished somewhere along the way. As much as I hate to say this while Ken is still around, Jeremy was the clear choice to be sent packing. However...


I still don't understand why the producers decided to give the bottom three a second chance, but it did give Jeremy an opportunity to show that he still had his old spark. They had just one hour to revise their low-scoring looks using any of the leftover materials in the workroom, and they were allowed to choose a helper. Dom and Jeremy decided to throw their old looks out completely and start with brand new fabrics, while Ken chose to edit his existing purple dress.



I think Runway set a dangerous precedent this week — the designers are already under crazy time constraints as it is, but now that the producers know that the designers can produce presentable looks in just one hour, they might start imposing even harsher deadlines in the future. Mr. Belk loved Dom's second look so much that he promised her look would be sold at Belk alongside Bradon's. Seriously, the back was lovely.


Ken2At first I thought Ken might be penalized for not changing his look enough, but the judges thought this Housewife-ified version was a big improvement. Ken's assistant Kate was right that the new hem was too short, but of course Ken thought his own vision was perfect.



I think this second-chance flash challenge was mostly for Jeremy's benefit, but unfortunately he couldn't capitalize on it. The judges liked his new look, but it really just looks like a poorly constructed slip. He really made the decision to send him home easier than it should have been.

What do you think, Runway lovers? Did anyone -- the designers or the judges -- really embrace the Southern theme? Was it Jeremy's time to go?

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