Project Runway recap: Southern Fashionality

The designers create looks for the modern Southern belle. For the first time in Runway history, the bottom designers get a second chance
Ep. 09 | Aired Sep 12, 2013

DEVIL CAME DOWN TO GEORGIA This season's villain thought this Southern-themed challenge would be right up his alley.




AlexanderAlexander once again engaged in a plaid-off with a fellow designer. This time, though, he didn't come out victorious. The fabric moved beautifully, but it looked cheap. It looked as though the model got drunk and naked and wrapped herself in a table cloth. I didn't get "beautiful and sophisticated" like the judges did.


KateFor the second week in a row, Heidi stood apart from the rest of the judges with her opinion. This playful little day dress read most Southern to me out of the top looks. Heidi thought the model looked pregnant in the dress, although Zac and Mr. Belk thought it was ready for the store.

Bradon -- WINNER

BradonBradon was named the "clear winner" of this challenge, but I have to agree with Ken (never thought I'd say that) -- some of the designers seem to erroneously associate plaid with the South. I feel as though you'd just as likely see this dress with its '50s collar in Brooklyn as in Mississippi.

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