Project Runway recap: Don't Stop Believing (in Unicorns)

The designers hit Coney Island in pairs (oh no!) for another unconventional materials challenge
Ep. 03 | Aired Aug 1, 2013

FAIR GAMES Bradon and Helen goof around with a stuffed ear of corn from Luna Park, most likely right before they gutted it to make a skirt.

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Harajuku pigtails, hot pink eye liner, and shimmery blue shadow—hair and make up is only a glimpse at the juicy, playful, arousing, energetic, fluffy runway we are about to see. Miranda and Timothy watch Sophie walk and high five, both pleased with how the ensemble came together. Sue stands back and lets Sandro make last minute adjustments, while Kate and Helen squeal in delight at their red cocktail dress.

Heidi takes the runway to reiterate the challenge and introduce the judges. Kelly Osbourne, still rocking the lavender bun, is on the panel as the guest judge. Beside her sits Tim, who does not judge the looks, but still has his one-time Tim Gunn rescue option if he disagrees with the elimination. Is anyone else pleased with Heidi's style this season? Wearing a printed black blouse with black pants, heels, a gold necklace, and simple, straightened hair, Ms. Klum is looking effortlessly laid back and lovely.

In all honesty, few looks blew me away on tonight's runway. Karen and Bradon, Ken and Jeremy, and Sandro and Sue have safe scores and can exit the runway. Sandro claims that Sue's surrender was the best decision for their team. Sandro's most regrettable quote of the night: "When woman listen to man, it's so cool."


Alexandria and Dom

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 7.15.23 PM

Their monster sweatshirt and stuffed animal frog mini skirt won the judges' hearts. I understand the appreciation for their one-of-a-kind concept and aesthetic eye for humor and adolescence, but only Kelly and Heidi's obsessions with the garment seemed genuine. Nina frequently critiques looks based on wearability and practicality, and it is arguable that this look borders on costume. The silly sweatshirt is anything but similar to Zac's design taste. With a challenge like this, however, designers can either turn garbage into couture or embrace the fun and kitsch side of unconventional challenges. Dom and Alexandria succeeded in the latter. Congrats to the duo, and hopefully Alexandria will continue wearing that elusive smile.

Kate and Helen

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 7.10.09 PM

This cocktail dress instantly demonstrates their construction skills and ability to find sophistication in silly unconventional materials. The sombrero-based dress is perfectly fitted, and could be an enviable red carpet look for any celebrity, according to Kelly. This Zenon-meets-Noureddine Amir dress was a showstopper, and an unsurprising challenge winner. Helen takes home this runway victory.


Alexander and Justin

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 7.12.45 PM

The sherbet-colored plastic is unflattering and overworked, with what looks like a stretched piece of bubblegum holding the bustier together. Zac questions the seaweed-resembling pieces littered across the hem of the skirt, and the distracting peplum bodice at the torso. Heidi makes a constructive suggestion: When you think you've over-designed, take a step back, squint, and see where it looks like you've done too much. This rave mermaid frock has definitely gone overboard. But with a simple removal of the bizarre vest, the look is instantly more pleasing to the eye. Edits, people, edits!

Miranda and Timothy

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 7.14.10 PM

The woven yellow vest is simply a wrong match for the blue dress, a Tim Gunn metaphor for the way Miranda and Timothy clashed with each other. Heidi calls it boring, Nina says it looks like a biohazard sign, and Kelly thinks it would look much better in black and white. Here is where it gets awkward: Miranda admits to her sewing room outburst, but hints at the fact that Timothy was their downfall. Timothy's rebuttal has something to do with the Titanic not having lifeboats, and his need to give their outfit lifeboats, and his lack of a strong designer partner, and her inability to trust him, and abandonment issues in their partnership, and a quick, "Thank you for my time being here." (Don't worry, the judges couldn't really follow his monologue either).

And it's strike three for Timothy. He receives heartfelt goodbyes from Heidi and Tim, and even a round of applause from his fellow designers. After a cordial hug from Miranda, Timothy heads to clean up his space and collect his stuffed animal buddy. His biggest regret? He wished he danced more on the show.

"I totally still believe in unicorns. Oh my gosh, I won't stop believing in unicorns, ever."

Was it bittersweet seeing Timothy go? Is anyone else team Bradon? What about the stuffed animals massacred in the making of this episode?

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