Project Runway recap: Don't Stop Believing (in Unicorns)

The designers hit Coney Island in pairs (oh no!) for another unconventional materials challenge
Ep. 03 | Aired Aug 1, 2013

FAIR GAMES Bradon and Helen goof around with a stuffed ear of corn from Luna Park, most likely right before they gutted it to make a skirt.

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The work room is all fun and games until Miranda discovers an entirely new sketch sitting on the tablet at their work station. In the place of what used to be a blue and yellow dress is a blue and yellow shirt and pants ensemble that Timothy took the liberty of sketching on his own. The new sketch looks simple, maybe even boring, but it could be more salvageable than the monster mash of a dress, inspired by Japanese street culture, that Dom and Alexandria are creating nearby. The top features two eyeballs, while the skirt depicts a cartoon, monster-like mouth. Tim, who has now popped in for consultations, seems to understand the concept, and occasionally outrageous ideas like this strike a soft spot in the judges' hearts.

Sandro and Sue's mannequin is dressed in a well-fitted blue bodice, but it is evident that it's their partnership that is falling apart at the seams. Sandro makes no effort to tuck away his unprofessional digs at Sue's designs during their consultation with Tim, despite Sue's attempt to lighten the mood with a joke: "We get along when we're not working together fantastically!" Her original sketch with the dramatic neck piece is  "futuristic Gaga sh--" according to Sandro, but Tim encourages them to continue working on the original plan and to remember that they stand on the runway as a team.

S-squared isn't the only couple having relationship issues. After a negative critique from Tim describing Miranda and Timothy's light blue dress as Disney and hospital gown-like, Miranda wipes away tears and starts to take out the four-hours-left stress on her partner. Timothy just wants her to trust him, but after two very unsuccessful challenges for the naive designer, that's easier said than done for Miranda.

Meanwhile, Helen and Kate's "galmance" has blossomed, with Kate even describing it as how she would imagine sorority life. Previously cocky Helen has not only gently been put in her place, but she even attempts to knock some sense into mean Miranda, who is running her mouth in the sewing room right in front of Timothy's fragile little self. Sandro giggles along with Miranda's cold comments, and Helen politely suggests to the two that no one should be instigating this type of behavior.

Seeing Timothy get teary eyed is frustratingly heartbreaking. He certainly has his incompetences, but aside from ratings, there is no need for Miranda to outwardly act like such a snake. Timothy disappears to take a much needed breather, and Miranda doesn't seem to care. Off in a dark corner of a stairway is Timothy curled up, sniffling beside his unicorn pal, reading a kind and encouraging letter that his model Sophie wrote him after the previous challenge. He's right, no designer has ever received a letter from a model before.

Timothy and Sue are two victims of an emotional teeter totter. As one reaches a momentary ceasefire at his or her worktable, the other is knocked back down, taking some sort of psychological beating from Sandro or Miranda. The reassuring note from Sophie gives Timothy the little confidence boost that he needs to suck up the remaining hours until the runway, and he heads back to his work station. Sue, on the other hand, just walked her own plank by telling Sandro that she is going to be his assistant, and he can be the boss.

After a good night's sleep and a fresh start in the morning, Miranda realizes her sewing room charade was exactly the kind of behavior that gets you labeled as the most hated Project Runway contestant. At least we already expected that from Sandro. Claiming she regrets her outburst and ultimately loves the look they created, she wipes away a few more tears, apologizes to Timothy, and finishes the last hour in silence.

NEXT: "Did they make that dress out of sombrero hats? F&%king brilliant!"

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