Project Runway recap: Don't Stop Believing (in Unicorns)

The designers hit Coney Island in pairs (oh no!) for another unconventional materials challenge
Ep. 03 | Aired Aug 1, 2013

FAIR GAMES Bradon and Helen goof around with a stuffed ear of corn from Luna Park, most likely right before they gutted it to make a skirt.

Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

That must be some good frozen yogurt. Sue is intrigued by a woman's use of the term "fluffy," which frightens me with flash forwards to heaps of organza or tulle. Other words buzzing amongst the crowd range from refreshing, to delightful, to happy, to arousing. Like I said, that must be some good frozen yogurt.

Dom is hung up on the word "playful," and imagines a fun and energetic garment for her team. Karen hears a man utter the phrase "raspberry town" and quickly writes it down. But it's probably in her and Bradon's best interest to keep their garment far away from any aesthetic destination called "raspberry town."

Just as we finish rolling our eyes and accept the hour of Yoplait-meets-Project Runway, we're slapped with conventional challenge number two. "There is no trip to Mood," Tim announces. Instead, $100 on their GoBank debit cards gives them unlimited access to everything inside the Luna Park amusement park for 30 minutes. Here's the twist: The prizes that designers win by playing carnival games will double as their design materials for this challenge. Coney Island: 1, designers: 0.

Sandro and Sue stock up on blue inflatable alien men, Kate and Helen test their fishing abilities to rack up all of the red sombreros they can score, and Jeremy has his eye on some giant stuffed ice cream cones. Timothy and Miranda share a white flag moment of truce, with Miranda admitting that despite her stress and attitude towards him, Timothy is the only person she wants to work with on this challenge. Their differences have been pushed aside, and it's all rainbows and unicorns for the duo, literally. Timothy spends the last few Luna Park minutes shrieking and galloping around on their new team mascot, a stuffed unicorn that Miranda won. After the half hour of Whac-A-Mole and various squirt gun games, it's back to Parsons.

Planning to use kites as boning and sombreros to create the silhouette, Kate and Helen sketch what looks like a corseted Mexican hat dancer-inspired dress. Alexandria suggests that Dom's skirt design can be constructed from a stuffed alien resembling Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc., and Sandro is afraid that Sue's ideas are looking too much like a drag queen costume. Yes, you read that correctly.

The on-screen captions that list the team's materials are equally as entertaining as the camera pans displaying work tables piled with stuffed pencils and blow up dolphins—Miranda and Timothy: Yellow vinyl balls & a vinyl whale. The skeleton twins decide to make a blue dress with a pop of the yellow woven textile pattern that Timothy assures is not as complicated as it looks.

BREAKING: Sue still can't thread the sewing machine. Tensions begin to run high between Sue and Sandro. His disrespectful remarks and her amateur skills have made both team members realize they jumped for joy too soon at their pairing.

Past the sea of stuffed animal roadkill, Helen and Kate appear to be all smiles at their work station. "I almost feel ashamed for ever having said she was a b----, because her and I have a lot in common," Helen says. "And hopefully I can learn from her."

Justin and Alexander's colorblocked bra top looks like a potential cute dress in the making. Sandro and Bradon are busy whispering about fluffiness and sex, and Alexandria thinks Timothy and his overly ambitious designs should go back to school. She asks Timothy if they plan to cut up the unicorn. Alexandria, how dare you even ask him such a morbid question.

"Can your model ride the unicorn down the runway?" Alexandria asks. We beg you to stop putting ideas in his head.

Attention Runway fans, Timothy has an announcement that he would like on the record: "Unicorns are not horses with horns. Unicorns are actually cloven-hoofed. They are more closely related to a hippopotamus than a horse. None of this sparkly, glitter, horse with a horn BS. It's none of that."

NEXT: There's no "Miranda" in "team."

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