Project Runway recap: Ugly Dolls

With their final collections, one contestant stuns, another chokes; Tim continues being Tim in spite of a bloody accident
Ep. 13 | Aired Oct 10, 2013

OVERLY CONFIDENT OR INSECURE? There are two sides to this talented but developing designer.

Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

Next, Tim scooted on over to San Mateo, California to meet with Alexandria. Although Alexandria doesn't appear to have any kind of family around, her hometown visit was the best because of the Camp Couture kids. I loved the "ugly dolls" the children had modeled after Runway contestants. I loved the Sandro doll in particular because it looked like Cookie Monster with a mustache, which is so accurate. The truth is, Alexandria was using Camp Couture as a sweatshop of sorts, making the children weave phone book strips into unconventional fabric with their tiny little hands. (Kidding.) Oh, that unicorn doll for Timothy was priceless!

As for Alexandria's progress, Tim was stunned by how many pieces she had produced — 30! That would give her a lot of options upon her return to New York.

Next, Tim bravely ventured into a grungy, industrial wasteland in Union City, New Jersey to consult with Helen. Seriously, Helen's workspace/meat factory was located in a maze of body-filled dumpsters and a minefield  of syringes. Tim should receive hazard pay. (I think I'm lashing out because I recently moved out to Queens). The inspiration for her looks was "clairvoyance," which is crazy random and vague. She used red (color!) and a print made from a closeup of her sepulchral boyfriend's eye and a ton of bad ladybug capes. Oh, and her unconventional material? Shower mats! I feel like you could judge these designers on the originality of their unconventional materials. Helen and Alexandria aren't cutting it.

Lastly, Tim joined Justin and his family in Raleigh, North Carolina for a nice meal. It looked like a quiet, traditional Southern home, but it turned out Justin had access to all sorts of new-ish technology. He utilized 3-D printing for these very cool rib-like accessories and structural pieces. He also used a ton of tiny test tubes as his unconventional material, which looked amazing. Most importantly, Justin had a great, clear concept. Through his clothes, he'd tell the story of his transition from being completely deaf to getting a cochlear implant, and the designs would also incorporate soundwaves. (To everyone complaining that Justin talks about his deafness too much... shut up!)

Tim assured Justin that even though it wasn't there yet, the collection had all the potential to be a knockout. Justin said that if it weren't for Tim, who'd given him the Save earlier in the season, he'd be sitting home eating ice cream and watching TV. Umm, that sounds fantastic!

NEXT: Tim puts on a brave, bloody face...

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