Project Runway recap: The Dangling Sausage

The final five designers stunned with their butterfly-inspired avant-garde looks.
Ep. 12 | Aired Oct 3, 2013

METAMORPHOSIS Justin turns a painful memory into a great one.




Avant-garde: Wow. Just when I was starting to doubt Justin, he really pulled out a great look. Upon closer inspection, it wasn't flawless, but the first impression was stunning. Nina called it the best work she'd seen from Justin.


Transformation: Hallelujah, Justin found the cure for foaming vagina!



Avant-garde: Holy wow! This spiny-caterpillar ensemble has to go down as one of my favorite Runway pieces ever. It's grotesque, organic, creature-like, yet beautiful. I agreed with Nina that each angle of the dress held a hidden surprise. Zac lauded Bradon for creating art that Lady Gaga would wear. I completely agreed with Zac that the look elicits an emotional reaction.


Transformation: I thought Bradon's reboot of Sue's placemat dress resembled an apron too much for me to be wild about it, but the judges adored it. Nina almost looked like she was about to cry when she saw the shoulder detail up close.

Finally, Heidi did that cruel thing she always does at this point in the competition where she asks each of the designers who they'd bring to Fashion Week. I'm glad none of the designers wimped out by not answering, but basically everyone chose their friends in the competition, and no one picked Alexandria. Helen was a little ridiculous when arguing why she deserved to go on: "I need to show the universe my new look." Mm-hmm.

Bradon got the much-deserved win, and Dom was also put through to Fashion Week. The judges decided not to eliminate anyone tonight. Even though I thought they could have, in good conscience, gotten rid of Helen or Alexandria, I didn't mind the decision one way or the other. It'll just make advancement that much more competitive at the next step.

Did you love Bradon or Dom's avant-garde look more? Should the judges have eliminated someone?

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