Project Runway recap: The Dangling Sausage

The final five designers stunned with their butterfly-inspired avant-garde looks.
Ep. 12 | Aired Oct 3, 2013

METAMORPHOSIS Justin turns a painful memory into a great one.




Avant-Garde: It's certainly better than Alexandria's look last week, which I thought was auf-ful, but the whole shredded aesthetic felt been there, done that. The judges agreed except for Heidi, who was alone in loving it.


Transformation: An improvement over Miranda's dorky plaid look, but not by much. Heidi and Zac didn't care for it, although Nina surprisingly loved it. Everyone could agree that the styling was horrific. Zac put it best when he compared the model to an "Avril Lavigne backup dancer." Ouch. I mean, no one's less relevant than Avril Lavigne.



Avant-Garde: In my opinion, this dress was worse than Alexandria's avant-garde look. Zac and Nina had seen this technique a million times. Emmy didn't like the color. A loud color does not an avant-garde look make.


Transformation: I actually liked Helen's version of Kate's terrible jellyfish skirt even more than the judges seemed to. Nina and Zac appreciated the refined simplicity.

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