Project Runway recap: Diamonds, Drama, and Tears, Oh My!

Sandro and Helen let their emotions get the best of them; the designers quickly learn the dangers of the B-word
Ep. 02 | Aired Jul 25, 2013

HELEN OF JOY? NOT FOR LONG The tears quickly begin to flow as Helen's overly ambitious garment disappoints on the runway.

Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

It appears that we’re onto stage two: harsh reality. With an hour left, designers enter the 10 p.m. panic mode, and Sue still can’t work a sewing machine. Dom is generous enough to rethread it for her, but there can only be so many more instances of charity before it’s ever designer for him or herself.

It’s the morning of the runway show and designers have now entered stage three: complete fashion hysteria. Helen realizes that she took on too many tasks that she’s never done before and admits that her dress next to Kate’s looks like a dog turd, Timothy is having a “make it work” moment, and Sandro is making faces with a bra on his head.

Sandro has an epic Project Runway freak out where he drags a PRODUCTION CREW MEMBER INTO THE WORKROOM TO HELP HIM WORK THE STEAMER.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! As much as you want to slap a muzzle on the man, it wouldn’t be half the fun without the token babbling loudmouth, who somehow reveals a few episodes into the season he or she is infuriatingly talented (Elena Slivnyak, season 10, anyone?).

Hair and makeup goes smoothly, with Timothy learning that L’Oreal products are “wonderful in sustainability,” whatever that means. Kate has a pretty, modern updo in the works for her blonde bombshell, and no one tells Dom that headbands aren’t making a comeback.

This week’s guest judge is Eric Daman, Emmy award-winning costume designer known for iconic, stylish television series including Sex and the City and Gossip Girl. Heidi dishes out the lengthy prize list: A new car, a collection on Belk, lots of water bottles, lots of money, something about the Maldives, her next born child, yadda, yadda. The music starts up, the first shadow appears on the runway screen, and it’s showtime!

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