Pretty Little Liars recap: The Dirt on Mrs. D

The Liars return to Rosewood to find Jason, a new dog, and another dead body
Ep. 02 | Aired Jun 17, 2014

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Across town, Mona is buying rape whistles, Mike is busy trying to win Mona back, and Aria's iPod is being overtaken by violin music. But more specifically, her iPod goes on the fritz as she googles "Theater Dead Girl Georgia." Girl, we've got to work on your searching skills. Hanna, however, needs no help with her snooping. When her mom leaves the room, Hanna looks at Jessica's emails to find one from the day she disappeared. It is addressed to an undisclosed recipient and reads, "I can't protect you anymore." Do you want to bet $50 that the "undisclosed recipient" is the person who buried her? Okay, $10?

Over at Spencer's, Toby (and his awful hair) has returned with news: Melissa lied about seeing him in London. When he went to Wren's apartment, he'd learned that Melissa was no longer staying there. So what had she been up to? Well, Veronica isn't going to find out if it means talking to Wren. She'd rather "stick a knife in the toaster." And that makes one of us.

As the day turns to night, we find out that Jason has to make a surprise trip to Philly to see a friend. Hanna and Emily follow him to a sketchy building but are scared away by a homeless man. Then there is Aria, who got a little unexpected face time with Mike and Mona, aka M-squared. The violin music had been Mike's fault... something about a social studies project. And Mona? She covertly asks about Fitz.

As for Ali, she goes to visit her own grave to say goodbye to the girl she once was. Seconds later, Ali 2.0 is facing off with Mona 4.0. Mona admits that she'd been behind the text. So why hadn't she signed her name? She isn't sure. Because now, Mona is done pretending to be someone else. "I don't have to hide," she tells Ali. "You do. And you're gonna wish you stayed dead."

And just as a million questions begin to emerge, Aria makes a Fiddler on the Roof reference and then Pepe does what dogs do—he found a bone. Or rather, he found quite a few... in the form of Mrs. D. Welcome back to Rosewood, everybody!

(Current) top suspect: Jason (in a beanie)

What did you all think of the episode? Is Big "A" still out there? And what is Melissa hiding?

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