Pretty Little Liars recap: Pretty Little Trauma

An emotional episode shows how the Liars are dealing with Ali's return
Ep. 04 | Aired Jul 1, 2014

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For now, Ali is less worried about her scar and more worried about the Liars memorizing the lies she told the police to corroborate her story. It's a plan Spencer isn't on board with, but Spence is a little preoccupied with trying to figure out if dear old dad is capable of murder. In the middle of a breakdown of her own, Veronica fesses up that Mrs. D once thought Spencer had something to do with Ali's disappearance. She was going to go to the police before Peter threatened to tell Mr. D about their affair. However, once Mr. and Mrs. D decided to get a divorce, there was nothing stopping Jessica from going to the cops, except potentially Peter. So did he kill her?

The toxicology report claims Mrs. D's cause of death was some sort of pill mix up. Mrs. D had Losartan in her system, which is prescribed for high blood pressure. But Mrs. D had low blood pressure, so the Losartan actually stopped her heart. And guess who has Losartan in his medicine cabinet? Yeah, it's not a great day to be Peter Hastings. Then again, it's not a particularly good day to be Veronica Hastings, either, who is conveniently sent away to a "spa" by her husband. All of this hits Spencer like a ton of bricks, but instead of turning to pills or doing something worthy of a good eye roll, she simply panics and cries, you know, like a normal person.

At school, Aria is coping with the whole I-killed-someone thing when she comes across a video of Shana's funeral. (Please tell me people don't actually put funeral videos online.) After watching Shana's grandmother sing and weep and sing and weep on repeat, Aria heads over to Ezra's place looking for comfort. He offers her advice about forgiving herself along with takeout and board games, but sadly, it doesn't seem like enough for troubled Aria. In fact, her obvious feelings for Ezra only add to her emotional baggage.

As for Emily, she works through her troubles by training Sydney, trying to figure out how to be friends with Paige, and worrying about Ali. But more than anything, she's lost, as they all are. But they're all coping in their own ways. After years of emotional (and physical) torture, it's time these teens focused on their feelings.

That being said, the episode offered enough in the manner of moving forward, what with Peter's probable involvement in Mrs. D's death and Ali's new scar. The puzzle continued to expand, and the Liars got a much deserved moment to breathe (and cry). It's not something we'd want to see every week, but once in a while, a more reserved Rosewood is enjoyable, even if it's filled with tears.

(Current) top suspect: Jenna (because where is she?)

But what did you all think of the episode? Do you think Peter Hastings killed Mrs. D?

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