Pretty Little Liars recap: 'Scream for Me'

Hanna hits the bottle while the rest of the Liars discover new details about the relationship between Bethany and Mrs. D.
Ep. 08 | Aired Jul 29, 2014

(Un)stable: Emily and Spencer go see a man about a horse—and end up with "A"nother kind of encounter.

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At Radley, Aria discovers that Eddie Lamb recently quit when she runs into a particularly sassy nurse who's all, "Are you here to finger paint to speed date the orderlies?" How about neither? Aria heads into Big Rhonda's room to return Bethany's sketchbook before getting caught. Luckily, Rhonda can be bought with some soda and chips, and from there, she'll tell you all she knows. And what she knows turns out to be that Mrs. D used to bring Bethany gifts and once took her to the circus. Mrs. D even went so far as to adopt Custard, a horse for Bethany. The two would take trips to a nearby stable, which only means one thing: Cue the trip to the stable!

Once they arrive in the land of horses, Emily and Spencer talk to an instructor named Declan, who tells them all about "the bucket incident," where it sounds like Mrs. D had asked Bethany to call her "Aunt Jesse," and instead, Bethany had freaked out and thrown a bucket at her. So wait. Is Bethany Ali's cousin? And how does Melissa fit into all of this? Spencer finds her big sister's helmet at the stable before "A" locks them in a stall next to a very panicked horse. Let's just say Spencer leaves with a black eye and a new appreciation for Toby becoming a cop.

Hanna, however, is getting a new appreciation for personal space when Zack visits her in his car and takes things from a back graze to a leg grab. From there, she decides to tell Aria. Only, Aria doesn't believe her, tells her that she's the problem before spending the night sitting very uncomfortably on the couch with her potential new stepdad. Best hashtag of the episode? #CreepedOutHanna

Also, I will propose: #UnnecessaryPedophileZack

While Hanna's out and about, Ashley and Ali experience an "A" intrusion at the house when a black hooded figure shows up, grabs a knife, drops said knife, and runs. It seems pointless, but at least it leads to Ashley having a showdown with Detective Tanner. We know Ali's sketchy, but Tanner is not helping the situation. Side note, can there be a spin-off with nothing but the recordings of these 911 calls? "What's your emergency?" "Well, it's a long story. There's this anonymous cyber stalker who started texting my daughter years ago. Well, that turned out to be Mona. But then, Mona went to Radley …." You get the point.

But minutes later, we learn that Ali had asked Noel to break into Hanna's house. It was a strategic move on Ali's part, because now, Ashley has stopped questioning what happened to her. Just like that, Ali's got one adult on her side. Then again, based on that look on Ali's face, there's an 80 percent chance she's lying about it being Noel (or something).

Things end with "A" in Spencer's room, handling Spence's riding helmet, and then revealing a secret compartment under the seat cushion in Spencer's red leather chair. So does "A" have secret hideaways in all of the Liars' rooms?

All in all, this episode was full of emotional trauma, physical trauma, lies, and a fair amount of booze, which all adds up to some pretty fun drama. The one thing that would've made it better: Not turning a charming guy into a gross perv. Just a thought.

(Current) top suspect: Melissa

What did you all think of the episode? Is Bethany Ali's cousin? Or is she another Hastings?

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