Pretty Little Liars recap: 'The Silence of E. Lamb'

The Liars look for answers as one of their own proves to be the biggest unknown of all.
Ep. 07 | Aired Jul 22, 2014

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At the Fields residence, Hanna pours herself some a lot of vodka—which Pam got out for dinner with high schoolers?—before launching the Ali pity party by calling Ali out on being an awful person. As a result, Emily asks Hanna to leave. Hey, at least drunk Hanna knows what's up. Then again, drunk Hanna also talks to Sydney about Jenna for like half an hour, so there's that. Oh, and drunk Hanna also kisses Caleb even after she sobers up. That's how you know it's true love. At this point, Caleb and Hanna (and his serious case of the munchies) are destined to be dark and twisty together forever.

Away from the dinner, Aria's on Radley duty trying to find out more about Bethany's drawing. She quickly finds a lead in Rhonda, Bethany's old roommate who does not like thieves. After breaking into Rhonda's room, Aria gets her hands on Bethany's old sketchbook. It looks harmless at first, but then we get to the pictures of a monster carrying a man away from a screaming woman. Did that look like Jason to anyone else? And then there's a photo of a woman falling at Radley, followed by photos of Mrs. D labeled "Liar." Spencer immediately assumes the falling woman is Toby's mother and that Mrs. D and the board covered up something about her death.

Spence then goes back to monitoring Melissa, who's living in the barn again now that she lent her apartment to her father. Melissa and Spence have a brief heart-to-heart in the kitchen, where Melissa talks as though she either had something to do with Bethany's death or believes someone did it for "love." We're still not sure what secret she's keeping.

We're also not sure what Eddie Lamb really knows. After Aria's Radley visit, Eddie calls to set up a meeting with Ezra before deciding not to show. Theory: Maybe he ditched Ezra for a meeting with Ali, who Spencer catches in a black hoodie leaving her house after her dinner at Emily's. And according to a timely text from "A," Ali is keeping secrets, but that could have something to do with what "A" calls "Hanna's big mouth." Perhaps drunk Hanna told Sydney something else? Or is this about that "Shana" slip she had with Sydney?

Regardless, Hanna's big mouth is something PLL could use more of. If only this show, as a whole, had a slightly bigger mouth on certain topics, episodes like this would be more compelling. The Bethany Young stuff seems to be on a tight timeline, but all of the Ali nonsense needs to find its footing. If the foundation of the mystery is shaky, it's only a matter of time until it all comes tumbling down.

(Current) top suspect: Jenna (with help from Sydney)

Final thoughts: How long until the police figure out Ali's kidnapping story was entirely false? Can we call Spencer and Ezra "Spezra"? And who was Ali meeting?

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