Pretty Little Liars recap: 'Run, Ali, run'

"A" is back and meaner than ever as the girls try to find a connection to Bethany Young
Ep. 06 | Aired Jul 15, 2014

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Across town, Spencer attempts to get her parents back together after Peter claims that he had nothing to do with Mrs. D's death. Apparently he and Melissa went to the lake to "talk" on the night that Jessica died. And even though that might be true, it isn't enough for Veronica to forgive him. Spencer gets half of her wish when her mother tells her they're moving home. The trick is: Peter's moving out.

Spencer's other mission this week? Using her trusty Radley contact Eddie Lamb to try and get some answers. Eddie does seem to know something about Bethany when Spencer stops by, but he's also very aware of the camera watching their chat. If only he were more aware of the camera outside of Ezra's apartment, maybe he wouldn't have done what he did next. More specifically, Eddie stops by Ezra's apartment and drops off an envelope. Inside, there's a drawing by Bethany Young. To sum it up quickly: Mrs. D is watering her flowers and is about to be eaten by some sort of horrifying monster. So it's safe to say that Bethany and Mrs. D weren't besties. However, it's also safe to say they knew each other.

But who's the monster in that photo? Is it Bethany herself? Could it be "A"? Well, after one very memorable cafeteria lunch, the girls realize that "A" could be the person behind Mrs. D's death when Ali is sent a video of someone burying her mother. The text reads, "I buried your mom the same way I watched her bury you." Okay, so it's not so much that they realize that "A" could be the person behind Mrs. D's death as it is that "A" smacks them in the face by confessing to Mrs. D's murder. How's that for an answer?

After receiving that video, all of the Liars are on edge. Ali decides she wants to leave town; Hanna decides she wants to help her; and Emily forces Paige to reveal some of the names in Mona's Army. The first two names out of Paige's mouth are Lucas and Melissa. Emily runs straight to Ali with the info, but all she finds at Hanna's house is a very fashionable, very dark-and-twisty Hanna. Hanna fesses up to everything and tells Emily to find Ali at her house, where she's currently packing up her multiple licenses, you know, like all high schoolers have.

Just as Ali's leaving her house, "A" shows up and chokes Ali with her own scarf (probably because it clearly did not match her outfit). Luckily, Emily arrives in enough time to beat "A" with a book and then somehow knock herself out of the fight. By the time she gets up, the black hoodie is gone. But was it "A" or one of Mona's soldiers? We're not sure, though we can bet that it was one of Mona's soldiers who put the dead rat in Paige's locker, which resulted in a classic horror movie screaming shot that was genius in its own right but didn't really fit into the rest of the episode.

At Emily's house, "A" threatens to kill Ali if she leaves Rosewood. He or she wants Ali alive and in town, and that means the Liars have to take action. For Aria, taking action involves saying things like "warrior cat" and volunteering at Radley. P.S. What is a warrior cat?

But wait! Don't Google that just yet, because there's another familiar face in town. In the show's final moments, the Black Widow is seen putting the finishing touches on a bouquet of flowers addressed to Bethany Young's parents.

And with that final appearance of the Black Widow, who showrunner Marlene King once identified as "end game," the mystery, and therefore the show, feels fun again.

(Current) Top Suspect: Jenna (still)

What did you all think of the episode? Is "A" meaner than ever? And who is Black Widow?

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