Pretty Little Liars recap: 'No One Here Can Love or Understand Me'

Caleb tells the truth about Ravenswood, and Melissa reveals who killed Bethany Young.
Ep. 11 | Aired Aug 19, 2014

TRUTH TIME Aria and Emily finally learn Melissa's secret.

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Across town, Emily's relationship problems are nothing compared to Aria's. Well, Aria's problem with Mike and Mona's relationship (also known as the return of M&M). And when Mona replaces Ella at family night, Aria has had it. She whispers something to Mona that makes her cry and ultimately leads to the two of them having a heart-to-heart, where Mona claims she was only ever trying to protect herself. And now, she warns Aria, and all the Liars, that after Ali is through with Mona, she'll come for them next. Mona then reveals that she knows some stuff about New York, and for once, she seems sincere in her warning. But then again, any of these Rosewood girls can cry on cue.

But Mona's tear ducts aren't the only ones hard at work in Rosewood. For Caleb, it's finally time to let go of his ugly secret and talk to Hanna about Ravenswood. Of course, it takes a while to get there. After a brief mention of Spencer's old sobriety coach, Dean, Spencer decides to call in Cadet Kelly Toby for some help. (But can we also call Dean? He's hot.)

Over dinner, Spencer's plan for a bromance confessional backfires, and Toby manages to piss Caleb off enough for him to want to pack up and leave, but Hanna stops him. She's ready for some answers, so he tells her all about how he's scared that his actions in Ravenswood got rid of the demons and messages but maybe didn't help Miranda.

[Insert painfully obvious Ouija promotion here.]

Hanna assures him that things will be fine and that she didn't come this far not to have a happy ending. And after one final Ouija message from Miranda—"goodbye"—Caleb sleeps as the fireflies gather outside. Two thoughts: 1) If Caleb is having trouble sleeping, perhaps he should try an actual bed; and 2) Do the fireflies mean spirits are coming to Rosewood? Because unless they kill "A," they're just another nuisance.

So, with Hanna cleaning up Toby's mess, Spencer's able to head home and receive a package from Melissa who claims to be back in London. It's the videotape we saw last week. On it, Melissa reveals her secret as Spencer stands by in a scene that was a bit over-directed. Sure, it was a cool idea to have Spencer watching Melissa confess, but wouldn't it have been just as effective without having them "in the same room"? That aside, the confession itself reveals that the night Ali disappeared, Melissa saw Spencer fight with Ali and then walk away with the shovel. Melissa saw Ali's bloodied body on the ground and assumed Spencer had killed her. So trying to be a good sister, Melissa buried the body. Only now, she's realized that it wasn't Ali that she buried and it wasn't a dead body. Rather, she'd buried Bethany Young alive.

This brings up a million questions, such as why Bethany Young was wearing the same clothes as Ali. And why was her head bleeding? Was Spencer's chat with Bethany after her chat with Alison that night? And who dug the hole Melissa put Bethany into?

Too bad we don't have any time to answer those questions, because Tanner tells Byron that one of the Liars is finally ready to tell the truth, and by process of elimination, it has to be Ali. So will the Liars act before Ali can destroy all of them?

Theory time: The big question right now is why Bethany was dressed in the same clothes as Ali that night, as if someone wanted to swap them out. Who would know what Ali was going to wear in enough advance to get a second outfit? Ali? Perhaps Mrs. D had more to do with that night than we realized, and that's why she buried Ali alive. Is Bethany another of Mrs. D's kids? Did Melissa really not get a good look at Bethany's face?

(Current) top suspect: Alison

What did you all think of the episode? Do you think Spencer hit Bethany in the head? Why? And for goodness sake, who is Bethany Young?

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