Pretty Little Liars recap: 'A Dark Ali'

Ali makes a move that turns the Liars against her just as Melissa's ready to reveal her secret.
Ep. 10 | Aired Aug 12, 2014

SQUEAL LIKE A PIG Aria and the other angry Liars decide to out Ali to the Rosewood Police.

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Meanwhile, Aria goes off to see Ezra, asks him not to talk to Ali to keep him safe, and then gets incredibly mad when he does talk to Ali at The Brew. Aria wants to be able to trust Ezra again but is struggling. Good thing Ella's there to tell her daughter that she was totes kidding before. Men can change. It's only Zack who can't. All better, yes?

Speaking of men, Hanna manages to stay away from the Ali drama at first by spending her time criticizing Caleb's diet and forcing him to go running (something neither of them should ever do). But after she goes to try out for a chorus solo—let's stop pretending high school is a thing on this show—Hanna runs into Mona, who sings a little of Sara Bareilles' "Gravity," before letting gravity get the best of her and fainting. Hanna then looks into Mona's purse and finds Cyrus' mug shot, so she decides to follow Mona.

At the police station, we find out that Mona's just as confused as anyone. She claims she's on a stakeout in order to find out who's behind the Cyrus ordeal, but the only thing Hanna and Mona end up finding out is that Ali sucks.

And here's why: While on Ali duty, Emily discovers that Cyrus isn't a total stranger. He and Ali were kind of a thing at one point. They shared an abandoned basement until one night, Cyrus decided to take off with all of Ali's stuff. All he left her with was a highly improbable scar on her upper thigh. And when Lieutenant Tanner takes Ali back to that basement, Ali betrays her best friends and tells Tanner it's where Cyrus held her.

Just like that, angry Emily is back, and she's "so done" with Ali. And she probably should be, considering Ali was the one behind the Cyrus situation. (You might want to read that sentence again.)

Somehow, Cyrus managed to get away from his 48-hour hold just before Ali identified him, after which he meets up with Ali in the woods. She's in her dark wig, and she hands him a plane ticket. They exchange loaded comments about how they can both bring the other down with what they know, but instead, Cyrus heads off with his ticket, and Ali has finally solidified her story with Tanner. But in the process, the other Liars have gathered and decided they need to tell Tanner the truth about Ali's bunch of lies.

Final bit of news: "A" is really good at folding clothes, loves dog shows, and owns a candy striper uniform. Do with that what you will.

All in all, the show's pace is enjoyable, but it still suffers from having a central character who's so unlikeable. The by-product of evil Ali is becoming more entertaining, but if the show wants to continue making forward progress, something needs to be done with the biggest, fattest Liar of them all.

(Current) top suspect: Ali (Or should we say Vivian Darkbloom?)

What did you all think of the episode? Will the Liars forgive Ali when they find out her plan? And what is Melissa's secret?

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