Pretty Little Liars recap: Home is where the bomb is

The 100th episode brings back familiar faces, solves one mystery, and blows Rosewood to pieces
Ep. 05 | Aired Jul 8, 2014

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In the name of squeezing in more awkward action, Hanna goes on a coffee run, where she runs into a freshly groomed Caleb, who has a bit of an attitude problem. Instead of turning his aggression toward the guilty party—his hair stylist—he yells at some random jock before he realizes that Hanna is a taken woman. Just like that, he vanishes, and Hanna gets drunk at Lucas' party, where Mona is shockingly not in attendance. But that's probably because she's busy confronting Ali (at the church, of all places). In a rushed argument that probably could've waited for another episode (though it was juicy), both Ali and Mona prove that they're mean and that they can take a hit. Also, Ali proves she's wearing some sort of crazy ring on her right hand.

And now we've made it to the sex-filled portion of the episode, where Ezra's way-too-big-for-a-bullet-wound scar turns Aria on, Emily and Ali share a horizontal kiss, and Spencer and Toby make out in his truck. Out of the three, the only scene that doesn't feel forced is Aria and Ezra, but none of them last long, because the police have an announcement to make: They know the identity of the girl in Ali's grave. Everybody, meet Bethany Young, a Radley patient who escaped the night that Ali disappeared. And also, duck!

Just like that, a bomb goes off on the street and blows all the window out in Emily's living room, a.k.a. the room that was once hit by a car, and they say lightening doesn't strike twice. Outside, Toby realizes that someone has bombed his house. He runs toward the flames as all of the Liars' phones go off.

Meanwhile, at what seems to be backstage at the school's Frozen sing-a-long, "A" is enjoying some free pizza and time with his/her dolls, all while wearing black gloves, of course.

The last twist—"A" still being around—was an obvious one, and yet it still packed a punch, as it should've with the history the show has spent 100 episodes building. And the bomb was certainly a new level of drama that did not disappoint. However, nearly every interaction and sex scene in between fell short. The elements are there, but there's something to be said for spreading things out a bit and taking a breath. Why not let Aria buy a pie and eat it, too?

(Current) top suspect: Jenna

What did you all think of the 100th episode? Did Jenna bomb her own house? And who is Lucas' mystery girlfriend?

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