Pretty Little Liars recap: Identity Crisis

Hanna has an identity crisis while Ali loses her nerve in this A-less world
Ep. 03 | Aired Jun 24, 2014

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Having too many flashbacks on the brain, Hanna decides to confront Mona. She wants to know why Mona made her more like Ali even though she knew Ali was still alive. Mona argues that Ali's departure was a great opportunity for the two of them to help each other move up the social pyramid. Hanna's upset because she thinks her transformation into Ali 2.0 made her lose herself, to which Mona asks where would Hanna be if she hadn't given her that Ali upgrade. Hanna says she'd still be herself and Mona replies, "And who remembers her? Not even you." Ooh, cold, yet true.

Any episode of Pretty Little Liars isn't complete without a creepy exchange between an adult and one of the kids, and Mr. Hastings and Ali are here to give us that scene. Mr. Hastings just so happens to run into Ali as she's walking the streets of Rosewood alone at night. Expressing concern for Ali's safety because her supposed kidnapper is still on the lose, Mr. Hastings offers to give Ali a ride home.

Upon his return home, Mr. Hastings has a heated discussion with Spencer, who thinks its smart to reveal her hand and shows her dad Mrs. D's email. Before Spencer can get anywhere in her interrogation of her father, Melissa appears, tells Spencer to leave her father alone and rips up the email, which leads to the sisters bickering again. But Mr. Hastings, like the rest of us, is tired of the sister's arguing and insists that there be no more friendly fire. Melissa suggests that maybe it's time they tell Spencer their secret, but Mr. Hastings disagrees. Why haven't these characters learned that keeping secrets does not keep people safe?

The episode ends with Hanna getting a new 'do because "it's time for a change" and she might as well be talking about this season thus far. No more A, way more Ali—it's a brave new Rosewood, but so far the change is good. It was time.

What did you guy think of the episode? Did it look like Mona was talking to Alison at the end of the episode? Who else is over Emily and Paige's relationship drama? And seriously, what is Melissa hiding?

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