Pretty Little Liars recap: Identity Crisis

Hanna has an identity crisis while Ali loses her nerve in this A-less world
Ep. 03 | Aired Jun 24, 2014

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We are treated to our classic Pretty Little Liars scene where one character asks questions and the other character gives very cryptic answers courtesy of Spencer and Melissa. Here, the conversation includes Melissa comparing the Hastings and DiLaurentis families' relationship to that of the Medicis and the Borgias, Spencer asking why Melissa lied about seeing Toby when she was London, and Melissa giving a response that's basically "because I felt like it." Before leaving, Melissa advises Spencer to spend a little less time worrying about Ali now that she's returned from the dead and more time worrying about herself. Spencer also shares a similarly tense exchange with her father when she ask him to stop Melissa from suggesting that the police look to Jason as a suspect in Mrs. D's murder. No dice.

Ever the good friend, Hanna takes Ali to the funeral home to pick up her mother's items. In this little scene, we get some more insight into Mrs. D's exceptional(ly crazy) brand of parenting. Don't all mothers take their kids to constant funerals? In addition to that insight, we also get a tinge of jealousy from Ali which triggers the first of several flashbacks to Hanna's life right after Ali disappeared. The first one shows Mona, no longer dressed as Loser Mona, approaching Hanna outside of a cupcake store and telling her someone needs to take Ali's place now; she promises to tell Hanna the secret of becoming unforgettable. Very deep, Mona. In another flashback, Hanna recalls when Mona was helping her upgrade her look following Hanna's weight loss and it's clear to all of us that Mona was trying to create Ali 2.0.

And now the scene that all true Pretty Little Liars fans have waited for: the first Ezria scene following Ezra's release from the hospital. Aria pays Ezra, who is now using a cane following his surgery, a visit to make sure he's got his story straight. Ezra knows he promised to leave Rosewood, but, unfortunately, he had nowhere else to go. In their conversation, they discuss Shana, but Aria fails to mention that she killed her in New York. When she shares the news with Ali, the usually inappropriate friend chooses to ignore how creepy the beginning of the Ezria relationship now seems in light of ... all we now know. Nevertheless, Ali is proven right about Ezra being a good guy after Aria tells him she killed Shana, and instead of shunning her, Ezra asks how he can help.

Thanks to a drive to Philadelphia (where we learn Jason is innocent), we receive one more flashback: the first day Hanna and Mona debuted their new look at school. We're treated to a sequence of the two girls turning heads in the hallway as they strut down the hall and show off their new look. This memory moves Hanna to ask Emily about how it felt when she came out. Hanna asks how it felt to go from being one thing to be something different, to which—prepare for the after-school special—Emily replies that she didn't become something different, but became herself. In a rare, vulnerable moment, Hanna admits that she doesn't think she's ever known who the hell she is.

As Emily and Hanna have this heart to heart, Spencer pays Jason a visit and finds him packing. She shows Jason the email that was Mrs. D had started writing, but never finished. From their conversation, Spencer deduces that Mrs. D never finished writing the email because she decided that it would be better to deliver in person, and that the intended receiver might be the one who killed Mrs. D. After asking her whether she wanted to be right or happy, Jason tells Spencer not to trust her father.

NEXT: A change is gonna come.

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