Pretty Little Liars season premiere recap: Final CurtAin Call

The Liars come face-to-face with another "A," which results in a shocking death
Ep. 01 | Aired Jun 10, 2014

Eric McCandless/ABC

At the theater, the girls bonded over the hobbies they'll never be able to have before falling asleep. However, Ali was quickly woken up by a leather glove over her mouth. Calm down, it was just CeCe, who'd escaped from jail -- do you have to be a ninja to live in Rosewood? [Theory: "A" is Oliver Queen. We know Stephen Amell does parkour! I'm sort of totally kidding.]

At this moment, it looked like CeCe had been a good guy all along. She'd helped Ali in Ravenswood, and now she needed help. Noel, the PLL vacuum cleaner, handed CeCe the passport he'd gotten for Ali. Just like that, CeCe was out.

In Rosewood, Mona was holding the first "C" team meeting. She'd called up everyone who'd ever been victimized (read: nicknamed) by Ali, which included two familiar faces: Paige and Lucas. Mona gave a great speech about how they all need to protect each other, but Paige wasn't feeling it. Well, she wasn't feeling it until Melissa walked in.

Back at the theater, Ali told Emily about how CeCe had acted as a decoy the night Emily nearly got sawed in half. She also mentioned CeCe killing that cop, which means CeCe officially killed Wilden, right? Right? Too bad we didn't have time to figure it out before Holbrook located the Liars. However, "A" beat him to it. And by "A," I mean Shana.

Shana walked into the theater holding a gun. She admitted that she was the one who'd tried to kill them at the lodge. Apparently Ali sent her to Rosewood looking for answers, and instead, she'd found Jenna. Shana fell in love and decided that she needed to kill Ali out of love for Jenna. She wanted justice. But justice isn't easy to come by, especially not when Aria was holding a rifle. Aria hit Shana with the gun, knocked her off stage, and Shana fell into the orchestra pit, where she appeared to hit her head on a music stand. Regardless of how, she was dead.

Did Aria really mean what she said about it all being over? They can't genuinely think it's just one person at this point, right? Hours ago, they stood in a playground surrounded by black hoodies. Get it together, girls! Also, Shana clearly joined the game late.

My (current) top suspect: Jason

But what do you all think? Did you enjoy the premiere as much as I did?

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