Pretty Little Liars season premiere recap: Final CurtAin Call

The Liars come face-to-face with another "A," which results in a shocking death
Ep. 01 | Aired Jun 10, 2014

Eric McCandless/ABC

At the hospital, "A" apparently snuck his/her way into the OR, where the surgeons were working a little too low on Ezra's body for my liking. I'm pretty sure he got shot in the stomach, guys. And if that weren't bad enough, apparently no one noticed the black hoodie in the room. Honestly, did anyone think "A" was a doctor just because he/she put a lab coat on? "A" put it on over top of a black hoodie, while also wearing black leather gloves (which you cannot text in, FYI). These are either the world's dumbest doctors, or "A" is a big enough hot shot that he/she can walk into an OR looking like Darth Vader and blend in. Could it be Wren? Eh, I'm not even sure he's cute enough for that. Wait, I take it back.

Once he/she ditched the magical lab coat, "A" was just out in the hallway, wearing a mask and making a phone call. NBD. Apparently no one in this insane asylum-looking hospital has ever seen a horror movie. But you know who has? The PLL writers.

Ali's decoy worked, but she ended up finding herself at a playground with "A." Whose voice was that that said "Wanna play?" I swear it sounded familiar. This show makes me feel like I'm on True Detective or something, the way I analyze every detail. Regardless, everyone but Aria found Ali at the playground. The thing was, "A" also had backup in the form of at least 15 minions in black hoodies. They all started circling the Liars.

Now, this is New York, so do we think they're all on the "A" team, or did "A" just find some theater minions looking for a fun role? There's no way Ali's pissed off that many people in her life.

After the police showed up and drove all the hoodies away to the sewers of the earth, Ali took the girls to the Fitzgerald Theater, a.k.a. Fitz's family theater where they used to hang out. She knew it would be a safe place for them to sleep. Ali told the girls about the Ezra she knew before Spencer's stomach rudely interrupted. While they got snacks, Ali called Shana and told her to check in on Aria. Now call me crazy, but by "check on Aria," I don't think she meant "try to kill Ezra," which was what appeared to happen. And when Fitz finally woke up, he clearly tipped Aria off to something Shana-related when she scanned the waiting room looking for her.

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