Grey's Anatomy recap: Only What We Need

Arizona's finally ready to be happy, and everyone seems to be moving on from something
Ep. 15 | Aired Mar 13, 2014

HAND CHECK. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) and Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) are told to stay away from each other as a punishment for getting caught fraternizing. 

Ron Tom/ABC

After accidentally stealing Alex's surgery, Meredith decided to make it up to him. She went to HR and got a "love contract." Apparently, if he and Jo both sign it, it clears them from any claims of favoritism or sexual harassment. Meredith was trying to prove she had his back, but Alex was too scared. He had already proposed to Jo in a moment of panic, and now there was this non-fraternization clause. He was worried that if they made it too hard, she would be like Izzie and walk away. It was a ridiculous (and heartbreaking) idea, that Meredith treated perfectly: "Will you just sign the stupid paper?"

And while we're talking about Izzie and past characters, there was a really great moment between Cristina and Arizona. Arizona was having a "bad leg day" -- it was literally squeaking -- and so Cristina sat with her and asked if Arizona still had dreams about the plane crash. She said that she did, usually when she's anxious. She dreams of Mark and Lexie and the pilot, Jerry. Cristina, on the other hand, dreams of Arizona. "I dream about you screaming. You wouldn't stop screaming. So, thank you for that," she said. They both chuckled and briefly held hands before getting on with their lives. In an episode that was so pivotal for Arizona in moving on from what that accident did to her, I thought this was beautifully done. And as much as I'd never like to hear about the crash again, it's unrealistic to think that it wouldn't still affect them. Plus, Mark and Lexie! Ugh.

In another great moment, both Jackson and Stephanie found themselves filling out paperwork at HR. Jackson took the opportunity to apologize and explain that he genuinely had no idea that he was going to leave her at the wedding. He had told himself that he didn't want April and that she didn't want him. He didn't see it coming. But as far as Stephanie was concerned, they both got a day they'd never forget. He got everything, and she became the girl people pitied. But not anymore. She will no longer be sad, angry, or pitiable. She was done caring about him. "To me, you just exist, because I don't care," she said. (Side note: We also learned that poor Matthew quit his job.)

Directly outside the hospital, Cristina met up with Owen -- this is another Grey's-esque setting I've missed. She didn't understand what happened with Emma. She wanted to see Owen happy. Or did she want to see him squared away so that she'd no longer have to feel guilty? Or did she want him to be married so that she'd be forced to stop thinking about him? Good Lord, could these two be any cuter?!

From there, we cut back to Arizona, who had earlier made peace with Leah. She and Callie were on the sidewalk in front of their home, letting Arizona practice wearing her wheelie sneakers again. So many throwbacks, so little time! I loved it. And I ended the episode with a smile on my face. What about you? Did you enjoy this episode? What's going to happen with Cristina and Hunt when she leaves? Sound off below!

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