Grey's Anatomy recap: Only What We Need

Arizona's finally ready to be happy, and everyone seems to be moving on from something
Ep. 15 | Aired Mar 13, 2014

HAND CHECK. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) and Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) are told to stay away from each other as a punishment for getting caught fraternizing. 

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Cristina, not wasting any time, went straight to Owen to ask him why he was such an idiot. Emma was it. She was the wife with the picket fence and the fresh-baked goods. She was the one. So why'd he throw that away? Was it because of the night they slept together? No, he claimed to know exactly what that night was. But why was Cristina so upset about him breaking up with Emma? Was it because of the night they slept together? "I'll tell you if you tell me," Owen said. And with a "No," Cristina left the room. God, the cuter these two get, the more I hate the idea that this is Sandra Oh's last season.

Down in the ER, everyone had heard about Stephanie's "bowling for doctors," a.k.a. that one time she hit Arizona with a gurney that morning. But apparently, Stephanie wanted a second go at it, because without looking, she rammed another (full) gurney into Jackson. Just like that, the place erupted in applause and snide remarks. See, this hospital can be fun!

That being said, HR is never fun, as Arizona learned when she recounted the details of a surgery where Leah made a mistake. But it turned out that Leah had not filed the complaint against Arizona. She'd filed it against Callie. And as we all expected, this lead to a big showdown between the happy-for-two-seconds wives. Back at home, Callie was through listening to Arizona apologize. Of course Leah's complaint was valid. Callie was petty and jealous and at her worst because she had just found out that Arizona had slept with Leah. She hadn't taught Leah the way she was supposed to. She knew that. But what she didn't know was that Arizona had only been thinking about herself ever since the accident, but now she finally knows who she is again. And she doesn't need much to be happy. She doesn't even need two legs. She needs Sophia, and she needs Callie, but she's afraid that Callie has given up on her. When Callie left the room, my heart sank, as did Arizona's. But she returned five seconds later with Arizona's wheelie sneaks. "You shouldn't have to give up anything," Callie said.

On the topic of not giving up, Cristina was finally up front with Shane. She asked him if he had ever felt compromised during their rendezvous. He said he hadn't. Then she continued to tell him that he doesn't have to get people's coffee. He's a good doctor, and he'll still be a good one in 10 years. To prove it to him, she put his name on the record as being one of Baby Doe's doctors so that he could answer any questions the kid might have in 10 years. P.S. Her naming the baby Oscar because he was found in the trash took me right back to ceviche girl, and I loved it. Cristina at her best/worst.

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