Once Upon a Time season finale recap: Now I'm a Believer

Big, awesome changes are coming to Storybrooke -- thanks to a certain savior and her eleventh-hour dragon battle
Ep. 22 | Aired May 13, 2012

A CHANGE IS GONNA COME And making goofy faces won't save you, Regina.

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Leftover Breadcrumbs (great for making meatballs!)

- Charming isn't just a good fighter -- he's freaking brutal when he wants to be. Witness, for example, the way he breaks one of Regina's guards' arms with his bare hands. Didn't Snow Dark do that once as well?

- And speaking of fights: There were so many action sequences in this finale! Which was your favorite?

- The Huntsman's appearance was short but sweet. Like you, I'm still hoping Kitsis, Horowitz et al can figure out a good way to revive him in Season 2.

- I loved when Rump tossed Charming's ring in the air and then announced, "This ring is now enchanted." Next on his agenda? Getting two tickets to that thing you love, then transforming those tickets into diamonds.

- Gold says he's saving True Love for a rainy day. Emma: "Well, it's storming like a bitch. Where is it?"

- Emma, trying to ask a gradually petrifying August for help: "This is all too much. I just talked to the Evil Queen and Rumpelstiltskin about a quest to find magic!"

- Maleficent shares the caverns under Storybrooke with Snow's busted-up glass coffin. What other magical treasures might be lurking below?

- Also locked up in the Cuckoo's Nest Asylum: Sidney Glass. Methinks the Mirror won't be too pleased with how he's been treated, now that he knows who he really is.

- Unnecessary Henry Line of the Night: "The curse. I think you broke it!"

- So what happens to Pinocchio now? Is he a sentient, man-sized puppet, or has the end of the curse and the influx of magic transformed him back into a real boy -- er, full-grown adult?

Well, that's it for now, Oncelers. It's been a privilege and a pleasure to recap this series for you -- and I hope to see you all back here come fall. In the meantime, share your feelings on "A Land Without Magic" below. Was it all you could wish for on a star? And what are you looking forward to seeing next season?

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